Remember Gymboree this Season


Remember Gymboree this season, but don’t wait too long or you’ll head into a store and this is all that is left of the Christmas outfit you had planned in your head.


The Red Tie. ha! (you should see the Bear Bowtie. So cute!) No really, I got some super cute seasonal clothes for the boys at some amazing prices.


C’Man is wearing Dressy Herringbone Pants. LOVE this classic look. He looks so grown up in them. The Thermal Tee we added to it, but I wouldn’t call it a Tee because it is thick(er) and warm I think. Comes in four colors, but we just bought white this time.

Our favorite part of the whole shopping trip was when we snatched up the embroidered Football BeltMy athletic boys think it is cool to wear THIS belt. I’m all for that!


This Stripe Henley Tee that O’Bear is wearing is so super soft! There is another one in the blue teal color – like in the top stripe – that I think I’m going to go back and get. This shirt I bought because he can dress it down with jeans like shown here, but tuck it in with some khakis for a nicer look. I didn’t know it until after I took the pictures, but they have fun elbow patches too!

He also has on Gymboree’s Carpenter Jean which are the best pair he owns. They are going to hold up well!


I HAD to get this cute Shark Holiday Tee. Right?! There are 22 days left till Christmas and I can tell you that we are going to wear it A LOT!! Everywhere! 🙂

He is wearing my favorite Pull-On Carpenter Jeans that has an elastic waist and easy to put on himself. He loves being able to get dressed on his own in the morning and I love it too!

Have you finished your holiday clothes shopping for the kids yet?

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