Relax! Vermont Soap & Cariloha Bamboo Blanket

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It’s time to Relax for a bit! Let me introduce a couple of companies who will help you do that. Lovely soap and a bamboo blanket!

For over 20 years Vermont Soap as has been making handmade soaps. They were the first to expand their line to create certified organic products including foaming soap, shower gel and cleaners!

Their bar soaps are made with hypoallergenic vegetable oil base of organic coconut, palm, olive and palm kernel oils, adding natural, aromatherapy essential oils and botanical extracts for different skin types. All bars are facial quality and great for shaving too!

Vermont Soap

Honey bar soap – Help your skin to “bee” all that it can be! 🙂

Peppermint Magic soap – anything with peppermint in it does have a little magic right? A great soother.

All bars are $4.99 each, but right now on sale for $11.24 for 3. Great price! There are many wonderful scents.

Organic Choco-Luscious Skin Smoothie – put it on like a lotion but it doesn’t really feel like a lotion. Much thinner – like a balm! Doesn’t feel greay at all. And oh so chocolately! Would make an awesome stocking stuffer!

Sage Lime Organic Deodorant – one of the first underarm protection products to meet USDA organic food standards. How cool is that?

You can find Vermont Soap on Amazon too – see what other yummies they have!


Cariloha Bamboo ~ Caribbean style and Hawaiian aloha were the inspiration behind Cariloha – a combination of the two words.

This store is for me. That description says it all! 🙂

An entire line of bamboo products that keep you as soft and cool as the Caribbean breeze on a hot summer day. I stole that line. Sounds great huh? Did you know that bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton and wicks away moisture from your body? It helps repel odors and allergens too!

You’ll find a whole line of clothes and accessories, bath towels, sheets which we’ll talk about in a minute and oh my goodness a Bamboo Throw Blanket.

Bamboo Blanket

Bamboo Blanket

Seriously Soft. This blanket is hypoallergenic and softer than cotton or cashmere throws. And look how big it is? You can take it to bed with you! Would this not make the best holiday gift ever? Who would not want one? I wish you could reach out and feel it!

Comes in taupe and blue. I know you want one of each.

bamboo sheets

Now I’ve been spoiled. I didn’t know what good sheets felt like and now I don’t think I can ever sleep on anything else again.

Bamboo Sheets  have natural bamboo fibers are woven into silky-soft fabric that’s twice as soft as 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton.  They are wonderfully silky soft. You can’t stop running your hand over them let alone be lucky to lay on them all night.

A set can come in one of five colors and contains the fitted sheet, flat sheet and 2 pillowcases. What a deal I think. You’ll never turn back!


This is my blue bed. Yes try to feel it!

While you are relaxing on your new sheets you may want to read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Not only am I now Thanking God for every single little daily thing, but I have her app on my iPad where I can add my own Thanks. Can’t wait to see how long it takes me to reach thousand!

This is a true chronicle of a women with six kids and how she learned how to live the full life of Thanksgiving, regardless of circumstances.

For me it was a beautiful but difficult read. She is a very deep and almost poetic writer. I’m used to fast easy reads and this one definitely made me slow down. It was worth it though. Put me on the right track and I think about what I learned from this book daily.


Win It & Relax!

Vermont Soap ~ Honey soap, Peppermint Magic soap, Organic Choco-Luscious Skin Smoothie & Sage Lime Organic Deodorant

Cariloha Bamboo ~ Bamboo Sheets in any size/color (though I know you really want that Bamboo Blanket too!)

One Thousand Gifts

 I received these items for free for review and all opinions are my own. Amazon link is affiliate.

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