What do those numbers mean? Recycle Your Plastics!


It was announced a couple of weeks ago that my city is now recycling all plastics #1-#7. I am so excited! Most areas collect plastics #1 & #2 and if you have a Whole Foods nearby then you could drop off your #5s. But now nothing has to go in the garbage. Yay!

What household items can I now recycle from each category?

#1 plastics (PET or PETE polyethylene terephthalate)- soft drink & water bottles (though we use a water filter a lot!) are what my recycle container is mostly filled with. Other common ones you don’t think about as much are mouthwash, salad dressing, mayo, ketchup, bbq sauce & peanut butter jars.

#2 plastics (HDPE high density polyethylene) – milk & juice are the most widespread recycled items in this category. But don’t forget your cleaning solutions, detergent, medicine/vitamin bottles & even your contact solution.

Go through your bathroom & fridge and take a close look at the bottom of the plastic items. Almost all of them fit in these two categories.

#3 plastics (vinyl or PVC) – not common at all for everyday use siding, windows, wiring.

#4 plastics (LDPE low density polyethylene) – lids – from all the plastic kid cups from your favorite restaurants. Only #4 I could find around here!

#5 plastics PP (polypropylene) is more common then you would think and was so glad I could drop mine off at Whole Foods. I collected yogurt containers, plastic cups the kids got with their meals, individual fruit & microwavable pasta/soup bowls, cream cheese, cool whip, & even my deodorant.

#6 plastics PS (polystyrene) did you know you could recycle your plastic plates & cups? Yep you can! And your doggy bag containers from when you eat out too!

#7 plastics Misc some food containers. I found an applesauce cup. Or if you are tired of watching your DVDs you can now throw them in the recycle bin! But I suggest you swap them at SwapaDVD.com

Do you recycle? What unexpected items have you found to put in your bins?

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