PURE Glass Water Bottle

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Disclosure: I got this product, PURE Glass Water Bottle, as part of an advertorial.

Today I am showing off the World’s Safest Water Glass. Intrigued? PURE Safe-Shell makes a bottle that will NOT break into pieces.

A little history on glass from their website –  the first glass was delivered from the heavens in spectacular fashion when lightning struck sand. The heat from the lightning bolt formed natural tubes of glass. Some time later, around 3500 BC, man replicated this natural occurring phenomenal.

Glass is naturally chemical and BPA-free so really is an awesome solution when thinking about our health. Keeps drink in the PURE-st form when it comes to taste – no yucky metallic or plastic taste.

PURE Glass Water Bottle

 pure glass water bottle

Now what makes PURE bottles the best?

PURE bottles are made from tough to break Borosilicate glass that can withstand high impact. And here’s the best part, should the glass ever shatter, the Safe-Shell coating keeps all the shards contained so less chance of injury.

The bottle is 100% recyclable, you simply throw the entire bottle into your recycling container if it does break.

 PURE Glass Water Bottle

PURE bottles come with a wide mouth opening that allows you to add ice cubes, fruit wedges, tea bags, and other flavorings. It also makes the bottle much easier to clean. The bottle contains no liner inside, only 100% natural glass!

Everything will look so pretty inside. 🙂

PURE Glass Water Bottle

P’Diddy has claimed the kid size one. He totes it around from morning school to putting it on his bedside table at nap. If he drops it, he will remain SAFE!

 You can buy Pure Glass Bottle at their website ~ there are a few styles!

Would you love a PURE Glass Water Bottle?

 PURE Glass Water Bottle

Win the tall 20 oz size PURE Glass Water Bottle! (RV $24.95)

I received this water bottle for review. All opinions are my own.


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