Puppy Training with Toys & Treats {Chewy.com Giveaway!}


We just finished our six week training course with Duke who is now seven months old. I’m glad we went because we learned a lot and one thing that surprised us was – use treats for everything! Hubby always had the opposite approach – make the dog understand you are boss and don’t reward with food or treats if they are doing something bad.

We were taught that you want the dog to like you, hence trust you. If you use a negative approach the dog will fear you and not give in because they know they are going to get into trouble. Instead we always have snacks/food in our pockets and when he does something good or even bad we reward it! Well we aren’t rewarding the bad, but if he is chewing on something we don’t want him to and he doesn’t want to Drop it, then we’ll give him treats he craves to Leave the unwanted object. Make sense?

This also works with toys if your dog has some favorites.


Duke likes toys, but doesn’t crave them like food. In fact he likes to destroy toys. He will rip up soft rubber or plush in the matter of minutes. KONG toys are the one of the only brands we have found that last!

KONG Squeezz Ring with Handle. I’ll admit he chewed up that handle and had the rope apart pretty fast, but the green ring is going strong and he loves to play fetch with it. The added squeak is a definite bonus!

KONG Squeezz Crackle Bone. This bone is tough. He’ll chew and listen to it crackle. Drag it to the next corner and repeat.

Chewy.com has some really good prices on KONG!

American Journey

Now I’m super excited to introduce a new line American Journey. Sticks, Chews, Bones – alllll the good stuff that dogs crave. Our trainer told us to save the best treats for the hardest training and these are definitely it! Duke goes crazy if I bring down the box of American Journey goodies!

100% natural USA beef chews that are slow-roasted with no added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives to ensure a tasty, natural meat flavor.

Check out this exclusive line only at Chewy.com!


You’ll also spy our Nutro Natural Choice Puppy food. I think we have found at last the food we will stick too! We’ve tried a couple and either they just weren’t good enough or not in our budget. After researching many brands, Nutro stood out to us. Great Reviews, Good Ingredients, and the Right Price.

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