Protect Your Family {Sentry Safe & Seagate Giveaway!}


I think a lot about Security in my home. We were in a fire some years ago and we could have lost everything. In our recent move, it got me thinking even more. WHERE can I store my private documents and valuable belongings? Something of good size so I can continue to add to it over the years.

The Extra Large Combination Safe from Sentry Safe is the answer! I don’t want to scare you if you think extra large means TOO big. Its about the size of one filing drawer which I think is perfect.


Let me tell you about the features…

It has a 3-numbered combination lock. Just like opening a locker.

Pry-Resistant Hinge Door with 4 Bolts to keep it secure.

90 pounds of steel! Yep this thing isn’t going anywhere.

Moveable shelf inside to help you organize.

Fire AND Water Resistant.

Replacement and Insurance – Sentry will replace your protect if it was in a natural distater and you may purchase Fire Protection to get cash back for what you’ve lost.

Sentry Safe

I am slowly adding things inside. Right now it is in our living room as a side table. hee hee. You’ll find the puppy laying next to it many times throughout the day.

I have our birth certificates, social security cards, tax documents, old photos and our computer storage backup. More things to add may be jewelry, family heirlooms, handguns, and cash or other vital bank account info. I was even thinking of adding some of the kid’s artwork because that would be sad to lose!


Another topic on my mind lately that has to do with not wanting to lose things in a fire is PICTURES. I constantly worry that I have way too many photos stored on my laptop. What would I do if it perished? This moment I do have Carbonite as an online backup which does make me feel better, but I do not want all these pictures on my computer anymore! Especially now since I have my new DSLR camera and these digital photos are huge and take up so much computer space. This means I need an external storage device. But external means I could lose it.

Not if I keep my Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive in my Sentry Safe! See how this works?!

I had no clue how backup drives work, but I am very impressed with this little gadget. Yes, I said little. I expected it to be big (which is another reason I never wanted one) and it is just the opposite! I can easily fit it in the palm of my hand.


What is so cool about it?

It’s small and portable like I said, which means you can take it with you if needed and doesn’t take up too much space in your desk area.

Mobile backup! Grab the app and all the photos on your phone are stored too!

Social media backup?! Yes! Backup from Facebook and Flicker to share to YouTube.

Can set it to run automatically – hourly, daily, whatever you want.

Easily share files between your PC and Mac.

It comes in sleek colors.

Do I have your family covered?

Check out the Sentry Safes & Seagate Backup Drives for all your security needs!

Sentry Safe & Seagate Backup

WIN an Extra Large Combination Sentry Safe AND a Seagate Backup Plus Slim! (ARV $200)

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