Protect Your Family Devices with Norton Security

You’re going to hear me chat about security a few times this month. It’s that time of year – tax season – that we start thinking about saving and preserving all of our precious stuff, tangible goods and online files. Today I’m going to chat about security for both your computer AND your electronic devices with Norton Security.

What is more important than protecting your family’s sensitive information? Names, Birthdates, Social Security Numbers, Tax Documents. If all of this info was released at once to the wrong hands then things might get ugly. Identity Theft is a huge issue in our world and I’ve heard awful stories to people who get hit. Plus I just don’t want any of my information ‘out there’. You know I don’t even share my boy’s names here on the blog!

Save time, money and keep that feeling that you are in control by safeguarding your electronics with Norton Security. They have worked hard to upgrade their current systems to give you a couple of new choices – Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup – for ALL your devices, not just your PC or Mac.

Norton Security1

Believe me, I know this can all get confusing. And if you’re like me, you didn’t even think about needing protection on your smartphone? It totally makes sense though! I used to ‘limit’ myself on what I did on my phone – shopping, blog work, internet surfing – but each month I find myself doing a little bit more on it because it is always next to me and so convenient! My passwords, contacts, emails, need to be protected too!

What if it were to get stolen? Or with my luck I know I’m going to lose it one day because I leave it out on the restaurant table or bring it the park while my kids are swinging.

Norton Security


Start today! Protect your digital presence with Norton Security and leave those worries behind.

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Have you checked out Norton Security before?

I partnered with and Norton Security for this post in exchange for a promotional item.

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