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I have my love for Star Wars from my dad. The first movie came out the year I was born. The second one, three years later and then the last one when I was six years old. That must be the one I remember my dad taking me to the theater to see.  

I love love how Star Wars is just as popular today and that new extensions of it keep being made. Now on Disney XD – my boy’s favorite channel – you will find the LEGO® Star Wars™: Droid Tales show and this week we sat down as a family to watch the first episode, Exit from Endor.  


LEGO characters make us giggle! Their box-like features and their goofy attitudes make Stars Wars not just cool to watch, but fun-ny too! In this episode C-3PO is telling the younger generation, Luke and Princess Leia, about their parents and how they met. It was a little recap of Episode 1. What made me smile throughout the show was spying my ‘original favs’ from childhood – the Ewoks, R2D2, Chewbacca, Yoda.  

Afterwards we sat down at the table to build a LEGO® Star Wars™ set together.  

LEGO Star Wars

This is where the convo got exciting. I told them that Star Wars has been a part of me my entire life and shared how my brother had all the toys and spaceships and we both had stuffed animal Ewoks. He would have loved building LEGO Star Wars at their age. Hubby then spoke up and said he remembers going to Return of the Jedi with his cousins in the theater. They would play and take turns pretending to be Luke Skywalker & Hans Solo. No one wanted to be Darth Vadar!

  Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 5.01.18 PM

They had a zillions questions – Was Princess Leia my favorite since she was a girl? How come the newer movies take place before the old ones? When did Yoda die again? Can I get a lightsaber?  

Priceless Moments.    


Start catching up on the entire Star Wars™ saga today with LEGO® Star Wars™ construction sets and the new Droid Tales series. Click here to start building the universe, and tune in to Disney XD for new Droid Tales episodes as the perfect way for families to learn or relive the saga before the new film comes out later this year.  

LEGO Star Wars

Where did you get your love of Star Wars?
Have you begun the Star Wars tales with your own family?
LEGO Star Wars
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