Preschool Bible Stories and Matching Activities

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If you missed my first post a couple of weeks ago, I am doing homeschool preschool with my 3 1/2 year old P’Diddy. One day a week is Bible Story Day and most weeks it falls on Hubby’s day off and he gets to be the teacher. Lucky us! Over the weeks we’ve come up with some pretty cute ideas that accompany the bible story of the day. I hope you enjoy our preschool bible stories and matching activities.

Preschool Bible Stories We Use

We read from The Jesus Storybook Bible and I highly recommend. It tells the story in a way for little ones to understand and the illustrations are awesome! We also then do a quick read from My Learn to Read Bible which has picture icons for him to follow along with us. They are short and sweet and P’Diddy likes that he gets to participate in reading too.

Preschool Bible Stories and Matching Activities

After our books are finished we check out what goes along with our story of the day in the Super Duper Mighty Jumbo Activity Book & Coloring Book. Really nice coloring pages and other activities for him to do.

Then the fun REALLY starts!

I come up with a project. This might be a craft or another way to get him thinking and moving. Here are the four stories and ideas that we did last month.

Matching Preschool Bible Activities

preschool bible stories and matching activities with Noah's Ark Craft

Noah’s Ark

I found the boat cut-out and based my idea on this original pin from Pinterest. We added the rainbow because that is super important don’t you think? And that sun? P’Diddy cut out each of those little pieces by himself and glued them on there. My favorite part!

I want to tell you about the book I used this day. My Sonlight curriculum suggested Noah’s Ark by Peter Spier and I thought to myself I didn’t need to buy it because I could just read from my Jesus Storybook Bible and the story would be the same right? For the heck of it I checked our library to see if they carried it and they did. When I went to pick it up and opened the book I found that it was wordless. I didn’t want a wordless book! I started to put it back on the shelf and thought oh I’ll just grab it.

LOVE this book! The illustrations are one of a kind of what is happening inside the Ark with Noah and the animals. I made both my big boys look at it too because it really spreads the imagination on what could have gone on.

Towel of Babel

preschool bible stories and matching activities with Tower of Babel Craft

I searched online for ideas, but nothing really struck my fancy for what would work for a three year old. Hubby actually came up with this one.

On brown construction paper he had P’Diddy draw lines all down the paper and then closed some off to make rectangle bricks. I loved this because we practice drawing lines everyday and now we were getting to utilize them into a project. We rolled the paper into a cone and taped.

We talked about what to do next. I wanted to leave it or maybe write a bible verse on it. Hubby wanted him to put our family names on the tower so together they practiced saying the letters as Hubby wrote them and glued it on.

It didn’t turn out bad! A perfect ending is to add some cotton balls for clouds to the very top to make a tower to the sky, but we did not have any. Next time!


Then we came downstairs to make a tower with blocks. And we went to a local park to climb a tower. Great day!

Adam and Eve

preschool bible stories and matching activities with snakes craft for Adam Eve

Snakes! All little boys love snakes right?

I found this craft on Pinterest and it uses toilet paper rolls. Upcycling! hee hee. Here is the original pin. My tip is to find the most sturdy cardboard ones you have and light in color.

P’Diddy loved getting the paint out and making those circles (dots!). I think the google eyes are a wonderful addition. He did just about everything himself while I held the rolls to keep them sturdy and touched up some of the base paint to spots he didn’t cover.



No crafts here. Just family time.

We took a walk with our little guy around the block and chatted about everything that God has created. The clouds in the sky, the birds chirping, the green grass. No not the mailbox. 🙂

I would love to hear about your bible adventures! Do you have any preschool bible stories and matching activities your family does?

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