Polarn O. Pyret is Proud to make ECO and Quality Kid Clothes


Just a few days ago I went through the semi-yearly task of going through clothes. What do I have that fits which boy and what do I still need to buy to get us through the season. We have just started wearing pants in the past couple of weeks, and jackets, and long pajamas. I could probably use another of each. One of the first things I look for in a new outfit is quality. I love it when an item of clothing lasts through all three boys!

I was recently introduced to the U.K store Polarn O. Pyret who takes pride in the fact that their clothes can withstand wear and tear to be passed down to brother or sister. They also strive for their lines to be Unisex and Eco. Sound great? They are making their way into the U.S too!

Let me tell you more about the Eco part since many of you are probably interested in that…

Nordic Eco Line ~ the cotton cannot be grown with toxic pesticides and is certified by a controlling body. Chemicals are limited at every stage of manufacture, everything from spinning oils used in manufacturing threads, to which chemicals are used in dyeing, printing and washing.

Quality Standards ~ the dyes in the clothing must hold fast when washed and should not fade too much when wet or dry.

Recycled ~ ECO fleece tops, ECO windfleeces and ECO polyester underwear were originally plastic bottles.


Proud to be ECO 

They have the cutest little newborn clothes and fit kids up to size 12.

It is all made with the very best quality in mind.

Check ’em out!


What is the most important feature you look for when buying kid clothes?




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