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I consider Colorado a healthy place. This is my third state I’ve lived in, in less than eight years, and nothing compares. There are bike lanes on every road. There are walking paths in every green space. People are involved in sports and activities. There are natural grocery stores galore. So when I heard that Colorado kids rank 24th out of 50 states for kid’s physical activity, I couldn’t believe it. It’s time us parents were more aware. No More 24: Let’s pledge to fight childhood obesity together.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reports that more than a quarter of Colorado children are overweight or obese. A quarter! This increases their likelihood to suffer from health problems as they head into adulthood.

No More 24 Colorado

I think as caregivers we do a lot at home. My kids bring their lunches to school almost everyday because I want to be in charge of what they eat. I make them go outside daily, whether it’s walking the dog, kicking the soccer ball in the yard, or heading down to the park. But when they are outside our care, we depend on the community – local parks and schools – to have the materials they need to encourage our kids to keep moving.

My boys love PE. Ask them their favorite subject and they will all say gym class. When my new high schooler received his schedule this year we didn’t think he had it at all! But it’s a combined health class and was named weirdly. My middle schooler had to split his PE time with his musical instrument last year. My first grader now has PE twice a week, where last year it was only once and he lived for that day. And recess? When they get past elementary school, outside time is nonexistent. I wonder how easily that would be to change all that?

To stay healthy, our bodies must be up and moving through out the day. Sitting for long periods of time is not good for our systems. My chiropractor husband will tell you that this is his number one reason people come to see him – they sit at their desks too long and it messes them up! It’s the same for our kids.

No More 24 Colorado

Let’s help Colorado kids keep moving – we can do better than 24th!

Are you in? Childhood obesity ends with you.

Join me in signing the pledge No More 24 to end childhood obesity at


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LiveWell Colorado . The opinions and text are all mine.

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