Planning My BIG Beach Event!

Last year’s event was a HUGE success! Summer is my favorite time of year…blue oceans, sandy beaches, popsicles, and no school! (wait maybe I like school and a quiet house!)

I am not only starting to plan for our family’s summer with camps, vacations, and swimming lessons, but want to have another BIG Beach Event. June is also the month of my blog-oversary, so it all fits in nicely.

You are the first to hear the BIG announcement…

2nd Annual

I want to hear from YOU!

The plan is to have LOTS of fun beachy items to show off for you!


Here are a few of my ideas…


Outside Toys


Summer-y Home Decor

Sandals and Flip Flops for the Beach

Towels and/or Blankets

Sweet Treats

Safe Sun Lotion

Water Bottles


Do you have any favorite brands in these categories?

Any other ideas?

I already have a few GREAT sponsors lined up, but will be looking for more all summer long!


My Pinterest boards will soon be developed with ~ Frozen Treats, Homemade Activites, Eco-friendly Craft Ideas, How to Keep Kids Busy ~ and I can’t wait to share with all with you to add to all the FuN!

All coming to a blog near you…Summer 2012

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