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Did you know it takes the sole of a shoe 1,000 years to fully decompose?

Planet Shoes seeks out and showcases environmentally-conscious brands. These companies engage in a variety of sustainable business practices, including the use of:

  • Renewable energy resources
  • Recycled materials in footwear and packaging
  • Sustainable product materials

I know you’ve heard me say that I am a Flip Flop girl and it is all I live in…well that is only partially true…because I also spend a great portion of my time in Birkenstocks!

I bought my first pair 12-13 years ago and I have worn that SAME pair all of this time! Yes the bottoms are worn and holes are even beginning to appear, but they do not make my same exact style anymore and I can’t bare to part with them. They are still as comfy as can be!

What makes Birkenstocks so great?

 Planet Shoes had me put my hole-y pair away and sent me a new style. The Birkenstock Larisa!

One reason I chose this pair was I really like the Habana oiled leather look and the way it shines. This pair has two straps with buckles to adjust until you have snug, custom fit. I played with mine until I got it just right….I could walk without even knowing they were there.

The shoes mold into my feet. Moooold, as is feet move in and don’t want to leave. They sink right into the cork for comfort.


I wear sandals almost all year round. I’m crabby if I have to put on socks. Birkenstocks look great with jeans and khakis for the ‘winters’ around here, but of course I wear them with everything ~ capris, skirts, & shorts!

The number one reason I choose Birkenstocks for my day instead of flip flops is when I have to walk more than usual ~ shopping, taking trips to the museums, or just knowing I’ll be on my feet more than normal, makes me slip them on. My feet will thank me at the end of the day.

I can’t say enough good things about them and recommend them to everyone!

Birkenstocks come in LOTS of styles and colors! 🙂


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