Petz Beach for Nintendo 3DS #PetzBeach


Video Games are always the top of my big boys’ Christmas lists. It makes it easy for me and all the relatives who
ask what they want too!

Petz Beach for the Nintendo 3DS is right up our alley. First of all my boys love the games where they get to take care of an animal. We do not have a pet so I think this is a big reason why! When I saw the name of this game – our favorite place! – I knew my kids would have to have it.

Petz Beach Nintendo 3DS

I was right. Since they were the ones playing the game, I let them dictate a few sentences for me on why they liked to play…

“Petz Beach is a fun way to learn how to take care of a pet. They have so many exotic animals, not just dogs, but there is a penguin and a dolphin. You get to take it for walks and feed it. You get also get to do real thing things like pick out the collar and leash, but we have to buy food and teach it tricks.”

In fact there are over 50 type of animals for you to pick from!

Here are the professionals telling you about the many options the game has:

  • Teach your Petz new tricks with the voice recognition system, enter quests and events, and train with a variety of skills.
  • Use facial recognition to bond with your favorite Petz and customize them with unique outfits.
  • Welcome new Petz and villagers and unlock new buildings like shops and a petting park.
  • Help villagers and their Petz in exciting quests and missions. Participate in the annual Halloween party, or take your Petz to search for a neighbor’s lost ring.
  • Collect fun facts from Encyclopedia Britannica about animals, plants, and insects.

Petz Beach

I think it sounds super cute and something I know I would have liked to play…a game for both girls and boys. There are not many of those! Teaching kids about the importance of taking care of all living things – plants, animals, insects – is what the game is all about!

Petz Countryside is another game that was launched on the same day. Same fun experience in a different environment. The Petz franchise by Ubisoft has sold over 23 million units worldwide over the years. You see it is quite addictive and the perfect game where you don’t have to worry about what the kids are playing because it is Rated E.

Find Petz Beach on this holiday season!

Are video games on your family’s list?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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