Peg Perego Si Stroller Giveaway

This week I am excited to share with you my trip to Kissimmee, FL and our trip to Disney!

I want to start off with one item that we could not have lived without. Our Peg Perego Si Stroller. To think I almost brought our tiny cheap umbrella one instead. I would have cried once I arrived and realized how much I needed a good stroller.

Our feet were sore every single day from walking. Not baby though! He happily glided or napped through every attraction in his stroller. He was the only one who still had lots of energy at night!

Let me tell you about the Si’s wonderful features!

Couldn’t believe how slim the box even was!


Compact & Folds Easily. Slim “umbrella fold” design closes compactly with one hand and stands alone. Hubby was almost ‘mad’ at me when he heard I was getting a new stroller. Where would it go in our small-ish car for this trip? He will be the first to tell you that it IS slim AND easy one-handed folding. He is very happy! Happy Hubby’s are very important 🙂

It Glides. 12 ball bearings that create an extremely smooth, safe ride. I have never had a stroller that glides as well as this one. You barely have to push it for it move nicely.

Handles. Adjustable = Awesome. Hubby and I are a foot difference in height. We were both comfy adjusting the handles the way we liked them. They are also designed to fit nicely in your hand to make pushing even easier.

Perfect for holding our ButterBeer at Harry Potter!



Cup Holder. A must have in my book. This one is detachable which is nice. I’m planning on getting another for the other side too.

Recliner. With the push of a button, P’Diddy was laying back taking a nap. One push put it upright again. Never had one so easy!

Canopy. A large hood with ventilated window and net sun shield. Very important! Not only did it keep him out of the sun, but when it rained on us once he was of course the driest. Lucky guy! There is an extra rain guard you can buy too.

Car seat Attaches. Great feature if you need it when the little ones are small!


I love my stroller!



Safety Bar. My first thought was to not even attach the safety bar. He is two and can sit in place, get out and in, etc. My mine quickly changed for the same exact reason – he is two and can get in and out! Lol.

Storage. I always carry a lot of extra stuff with me. That is what moms do, right? I need the storage underneath, especially when we were spending all day away from our car. There is also a little pocket in back of the canopy. Perfect for our cell phone, camera, & keys.

5 point safety harness. I have to admit we did not do a good job using this feature as we were in and out a lot, but I love the fact that is there!



This stroller went from Magic Kingdom to Epcot to Downtown Disney to a park to the pool to Universal Studios and back to Downtown Disney. I probably missed something in there, but you get the idea. We needed this stroller and all of its features.

I highly recommend the Si for all your travel and everyday needs. You will love it!

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