Papa Murphy Taco Pizza is Here!


It is only a short time of year that I can have Papa Murphy Taco Pizza. I have it as much as I can!

Papa Murphy Taco Pizza

I am a Southern Girl who is missing her Midwest Taco Pizza. Every pizza joint back home has taco on the menu. Not one place makes it here.

If you remember a couple of months ago I did make my own gluten-free taco pizza. It was really good! That is what I will have to get by on for most of the year, but during the summer I now have Papa Murphys!

Papa Murphy Taco Pizza

Their taco pizza contains seasoned taco beef, refried beans, salsa, mozzarella, olives, roma tomatoes, green onions, and cheddar cheese. YUM!!

Papa Murphy Taco Pizza

This was our pizza. It doesn’t look like taco ha! What is missing? No olives and light tomatoes on one half for the picky people in this house. Just so the refried beans are on there. That’s what counts in my book!

That is one reason we love Papa Murphy’s ~ it’s kind of like Subway where you can watch and tell them what you like and don’t like on your pizza.

Or you can order online or call ahead so when you are in a hurry, and it’s hot out, and a crabby baby is along (my day today), then you can just run in and pick it up!

Take N Bake Pizza made with love at 425 degrees. Right?! 🙂

Papa Murphy Taco Pizza

Must Haves With Taco Pizza

I think its because we love Midwest style taco pizza we must add:

Crushed Chips

Taco Sauce

Sour Cream as a bonus.

We also can’t do without our Pizza Cutter Wheel or Pizza Storage Container (which I think make great gifts for a pizza lover).

Soooo Yummmy!!

Do you have a Papa Murphy’s near you?

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