Pamper Yourself $100 Gift Card Giveaway Event


 It’s time for the Pamper Yourself $100 Gift Card Giveaway Event. 

We all know you Mamas work hard each and every day, so it’s time you won something for yourself!

Hosted by Children Teaching Mama and The Freebie Junkie



The prizes are…


(1) $50 Gift Code

(1) $25 Ulta Gift Card

(1) $25 Buca Di Beppo Gift Card



  Don’t forget to come back each day for an extra entry by tweeting about the giveaway event!

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This giveaway will be live from 12:01AM, Friday, March 2nd until Friday, March 23rd at 11:59pm!
Good Luck!


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  • I need to pamper myself because i have been sick lately and stuck in bed so it would be nice to go get some me time
  • cause i work 13hours a day and 6 days a week and when im not working i work on my house and im exhausted
  • I lost my job due to medical issues and am now disabled and had to move in with my parents. Totaled my car, my dog has cancer. Seriously, all true.
  • need to pamper myself because every little bit of money I get ends up on the kids or husband. I rarely buy/do anything for me.
  • Had shoulder surgery two months ago and I can finally get a hot stone massage (I really need one)!
  • I'm a firm believer that you can't nurture others if you don't nurture yourself once in a while. Every woman needs to pamper themselves once in a while no matter who they are!
  • I'm a stay at home mama of 3 - and I also homeschool. I most definitely need to pamper myself because I spend all day trying to reason with a 7, 6, and 3 year which drives me to the brink of insanity. I also tend to splurge on my kids, all the time, and rarely treat myself to something special.
  • My tweet URL won't go in the box: I need this to pamper myself because... I just fell down 12 stairs! LOL :) I need some ME time! :)
  • I raised 10 kids as a single mom and never had time or energy, or money, to pamper myself (not sure I ever even thought of it!) and now as grandma to 30 sweeties, I find life still gets away from me. Yesterday, I had things to do around here, but ended up babysitting for my daughter's girl and one son's baby! I am not complaining, I love it, but sometimes I need to pamper me too! I love to read and Amazon is a good source for book bargains - and my one indulgence - Twilight stuff!!
  • I need to pamper myself because 2011 was a Hell of a year, and 2012 doesn't look much betterI became disabled and unable to work, my husband fell into a depression and our marriage has been on the rocks, and I've been helping my mother care for my terminally ill father who needs 24/7 care. Actually, it's my mother who needs to pamper herself, but she won't allow herself to be pampered. I will keep trying. Maybe this would help. Thanks for the giveaway. Sorry for the ranting, but you asked. LOL.
  • Probably like a few, I'm a stay at home mom on a limited income so anything extra I get usually goes towards the house or the kids. I'd love to have a little spoiling. It's been too long. Thank you for the chance!!
  • We just had out THIRd little princess on Christmas Eve... i missed all the holiday festivities and havn't had a break since ;)
  • I need pampering because I've been trapped inside my house for the past 2+ months, sick. I gots me a baaad case of cabin fever goin' on!
  • I just need a break-- as everyone else--life sometimes is a little over whelming.Home school three and the fourth gets to graduate- and a disable vet husband--I'm not complaining,I would know what else to do, just tired I guess.
  • Jan and Feb I stayed with my son's family helping to take care of their 3 year old, a new born and cook dinners for them. In March I returned home, started work full time. When I'm avaliable I care for my 4 year old grand daughter. I'm exhausted!
  • I have 4 kids, live out in the boondocks, and homeschool. I rarely get out because I don't like to leave the kids with anyone but family. A day out would be great to help relax!
  • I would love to pamper myself because I work hard. I try to make sure my whole family has everything they need. Thanks for the chance to win.
  • I'm the type of person who is always thinking about everyone else and making sure that their needs are being me. It would be nice to put myself first, for a change.
  • I would like to pamper myself because i take care of my 3 kids plus babysit 2 other children and i never have time for me.Would like a nice massage or mani/pedi.Thanks for the giveaway.
  • I have a 7 month old and 2 year old and haven't done much pampering since the baby came, could really use it too!!!
  • Because I ma currently entering this from a hospital bed because I havent had a day off work in 7 months and basically collapsed, but I am ok
  • im a massage therapist so i am always pampering other people i would like to be able to pamper myself ")
  • We have had a few layoffs at work, so things have been pretty stressful. It is so hard knowing beforehand that this is going to happen to your co-workers, only because I'm the one that has to get all of the paper-work and checks read. I hate being in that position, but it's my job.
  • Maybe I dont after reading some of these other comments, make me feel bad to enter. This made me realize how luckyI am. I'm a stay at home mom that homeschools my daughter and my husband even cooks dinner for me a few nights a week, so I'm very blessed.
  • I have always put my family first for everything. With money being tight, I always skip the things that I would like.
  • I am a full-time working mom and I just helped my husband through hip replacement surgery and the physical therapy afterwards. A little pampering for myself would be nice :)
  • I could really use this! I'm almost through my first trimester with my second child, my first just turned four and has sleep apnea and is REFUSING to sleep for me. I work 2 jobs, and am attempting my degree in pediatric nursing. I could use a little break from even making dinner every night but this would be awesome!!
  • I don't really do much for myself I help with my son his 3 children that live at home 5months, 3, and 1 and also his other 3 chldren when they come to stay every other weekend. I help do things like cook clean take the dog out give kids baths and make sure my son and daughter-in-law have breakfast every morning. My daughter-in-law has MS but, she does really well she works every day but, I know she could have a set back so I am glad I am here with family to help just never get to do anything special for myself this prize would be nice. thanks for allowing me to enter
  • with two courses at school and a 3 yr old, 2 yr old consuming all my energy, I just need some reason to cheer about.

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