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I have a brand new app to share with you today, and it is cool. Any parent is going to want this on their devices!

Can you believe the average child spends almost 50 hours per week in front of screens? This is more time then they are in school! But I totally believe it and I’m embarrassed to even add up the hours my boys are in front of theirs. I know it’s too much.

Introducing the OurPact App. An easy ­to­ use, iOS application that was created to help parents guide the mobile habits of their children, as well as teach responsibility through technology. After conducting hundreds of hours of research with child professionals and then teaming up with parents and industry experts, the OurPact team carefully constructed an essential application that keeps the functionality of family life in mind. OurPact isn’t just a parental control tool, but family guidance like never seen before.

Or Pact App

This simple app gives parents to power to:

  • Schedule Internet and App use according to your child’s daily routine, and among the weekdays or weekend.
  • Set the number of hours your children spend on the Internet and within Apps.
  • Block Internet and Apps at ­a ­touch.
  • Allow Website and App access, whenever you feel your child “needs more time”, at ­a ­touch.
  • Block all apps (eg. Facebook, SnapChat, Intagram, Twitter, etc.), as you see fit.

It really is easy to set up. I grabbed the app out of iTunes for my iPhone. I set up each kid in my account with their iPod touch. You can do mulitple devices for each child too. There is no limit!

Our Pact App Schedule

The first thing you’ll want to set up is their Schedule. The time you don’t want your children playing/watching. A couple of good time blocks at our house is the hour we do homework and the hour we have dinner. The kids are not going to sneak around me anymore! 🙂

The part I really love is the Block Access button. I can turn their device off anytime I want. Let’s say they just got into trouble and I’ve sent them to their rooms for awhile. If they look at their iPod they will not see any apps or able to access the internet. It’s very cool! I can set a time limit or turn back on at my discretion.

Our Pact App Access-Granted

I don’t want to be a ‘mean mom’ which is how the boys will probably first view my new rules, but I want to show them that there are other things to do and how much time they are really spending if you combine all the video game playing, tv watching, and iPod use. They do love family time with board games, cards, and the outdoors, so we are going to take a step to do more. Even me.

Download the OurPact App. It’s free for all iOS users in iTunes.

Twice a month they draw a winner for a new iPhone 6 just from you sharing their app with your contacts or social media, so look for that in the menu after you download!

OurPact App

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