Our Pirate Ship Project


Another fun project for me and the boys! I got sent an Elmer’s X-TREME Glue Stick to make a summer craft. Guess what we choose? A pirate ship project, what else?!

We picked up our pirate ship kit at Target. It’s made of foam boards and the instructions say to use a hot glue gun to put it together, but I had an extra strength formulated glue stick so it would be all I need. Can you imagine little kids using glue guns?

We came home and laid out all of our pieces. I was a little nervous when I saw them all and hoped it would be easier than it looked!

O’Bear got busy right away, taking the bigger interlocking parts and gluing them together. First the base where the ship will sit. Then the sides and the deck floor.

This part was a little tricky. Trying to get everything in place without another section falling down. Of course, if I would have been more patient and waited for the glue to dry on each part then maybe it would have been a little easier 🙂

The structure of our ship is complete!

Now comes the fun part of adding sails, rope ladders, skulls on flags, all of which we needed our new handy dandy glue stick for!

Why is the X-TREME glue stick nice? Not only can it be used on a a variety of surfaces, like paper, photos, wood, craft sticks, fabric, ribbon, buttons, gems, craft materials, foam sheets, foam board, poster board, cardboard, and more, but it is non-toxic and can easily wash off hands and clothes. Our hands did get a little sticky but it came off nicely!

After the entire ship is in place we add the final touches ~ water, windows, and our favorite prop ~ the cannon!

O’Bear was so proud of his ship! With a little bit of accessorizing we are ready for play! 🙂

This project has been compensated as part of a craft recipe project using Elmer’s #collectivebias and all opinions are my own.

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