Our Newest Indoor Activities {K’NEX Giveaway 2 Winners}


My job everyday is to shoo my kids outside. They don’t mind as they have baseball to practice, hoops to shoot, and friends to play with. I feel better knowing they are out running around burning off energy and I get a little peace and quiet.

Let’s face it though. They can’t be outside all the time. Rain, sun, and just wanting a change of pace is going to keep them in. If I let them choose an indoor activity it would probably be video games, which is fine for a bit on the weekends. During the week they are  not allowed to play and they don’t even seem to mind anymore which makes me happy! So what do we do around here?

O’Bear loves to help me bake. He is also my crafty kid. You’ll find him cutting, gluing, and coloring all the time. The other day he told me he wanted to try Origami and not just any type, but Dinosaur Origami. Way to start out hard O’Bear! We headed to the public library where they actually had an exact book for this! He came home to find out it was a tad harder than he anticipated. With help from dad they were able to make a couple of dinosaurs.


P’Diddy is in love with Cars & Trains. They are taking over my living room with their race tracks on my ottoman, side table, and misc places that I have to watch where I walk! I’ve been keeping my eye out for a play table where they can all go in one place. You can see my latest Craigslist find. I will tell you that when he is not outside chasing his brothers, he is glued to the side of this table! The best part though, it can be an activity table for crafts, blocks, anything they can use their imagination with!


C’Man loves to build! He has a very smart mind, if I do say so myself, and likes to figure out how things work. He has helped me around the house many times fixing things, operating technology, etc. My big boy! He has been busy lately putting together all the projects that K’NEX sent our way…

He started with the Rally Sport Racer & Strike Force Bomber. With a little over 100 pieces he was able to put them together in one sitting. I love the real wheels and foam missiles that come with each so once they are built, playtime can start.

The real challenge began with the Top Gear Copter/Off Roader Building Set. With 277 pieces and 2 vehicles to build! He started off putting together the attack copter and then created the off roader for a good fight between the two as the helicopter shoots its missiles down on the car! Plus, there is a sheet of stickers to create a look for each!

He is so proud when he accomplishes a task.

K’NEX has playsets for ALL levels…even the little ones…remember I showed off their Sesame Street Set a few months ago ~ with only 7 blocks they are cute and simple and chunky in size which is perfect for little hands!

Do your kids like to build? What is their favorite indoor activity?



K’NEX Top Gear Copter/Off Road Set (7+)


K’NEX Sesame Street Best Friends on the Farm Building Set (2+)

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Good Luck!
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