Our Elf Has Come To Visit

Dear Santa,

Will you please let an Elf come visit us this month? We promise to be really good!

Love, C’Man, O’Bear, & P’Diddy


I was a little worried this year with C’Man being nine and starting to ask questions. I wanted to keep the magic alive as long as I could. I found the perfect solution! Did you know that your kids can write to Santa and have an elf come stay for the month?


Our Elf, Nick, arrived in the middle of the night when we were all asleep. He was sitting on C’Man’s backpack in the morning, like he was ready to go to school with him! I almost didn’t get the boys at the door on time as they were so excited to have him come stay.


Nick hung around with me all day, as I had to keep an eye on him, as you know Elf’s like to get into trouble! He came with his own suitcase, passport, and comfys to make him happy.


C’Man took over my duties when he got home and had Nick help him with his homework. I don’t think I have ever seen homework get done so smoothly!


This weekend we took out the Christmas decorations and the boys found the perfect house for Nick. They believe this is what the elf’s homes look like at the North Pole. Lights, music and everything!


His favorite place to sit is in the tree ~


Nick has only been with us a few days…stay tuned for more Elfcapade episodes in our house as the month goes on…


We received Nick from Elf-Magic.com if you’d like to get one of your own, but all stories are definitely ours.


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