Osmo Gaming System for iPad Review

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“This is SO COOL!” said the 6 year old, as his 11 and 14 year old brothers nod in agreement. I have to admit that I don’t get very excited about their new video games or apps, but I have to say that the Osmo Gaming System for iPad we reviewed is very very neat and even better – it encourages creativity and learning!

“Tablets have become an integral part of modern society,” says Tablet Feast. Now that I believe!

The set comes with 5 games­ – Words, Masterpiece, Tangram, Newton and Numbers – which are 5 free apps you download from the app store. It also comes with a camera reflector, a base to set the iPad in, word and number tiles, plus tangram puzzle pieces. Let me tell you about the games and this smart system that detects all your movements.

Osmo Gaming System for iPad

Osmo Gaming System


Match the wooden shapes with the pattern on the screen. Each piece will light up as you get it correct and gets harder as the levels go on. Even I get in there to help – I mean play!

Osmo Gaming System for iPad


So neat! Draw lines, use your hand or grab any object around the house and deflect the balls falling from the screen to hit the target. Watch out because it can get hard!

Tip: get a dry erase board so you aren’t using tons of paper.

Osmo Gaming System


My boys favorite. We have endless drawings now. You will be amazed that even a 6 year old can draw almost to perfection. Pick an image from the camera, use the Osmo gallery or web search your own. Follow along the lines on the screen and create your masterpiece. Then share it with family and friends in a time lapse video – so cool!

Osmo Gaming System


Be the first to guess and spell out the on­ screen hidden word by tossing down letters faster than your friends – or play by yourself. This is a great one for the first readers, though there are many levels for the older kids. The pictures are real life and fun.


Count, Add, Connect and Multiply. The fish are swimming and get deeper the harder the levels you achieve.

Osmo Gaming System

My boys will sit for long stretches to play and they’ve been at it every single day since we’ve had it, which must mean something right? I can go in and check out achievements and scores on what the kids have done on every game! They really love it and I love seeing them interact with each other.

Do you have kids who will love the Osmo Gaming System?

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