Organizing my Hectic Life


I have a board on Pinterest titled I Wish I was Organized. It is full of wonderful ideas to simplify my life and my space. We have just accumulated so much STUFF and there never seems to be enough time to sort through it all and keep it in a arranged the way I would like.

Plus kids taking up our TIME couldn’t have anything to do with it, huh?

I feel this way about my computer too. I have about six or seven windows open at all times….switching back and forth between Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, and the list goes on.

And what about all those notifications that come in? Who wants to Friend you. Who Pinned your Pin. Who Retweeted for you.

Sooooo many emails!

You wonder how we don’t all go crazy with information overload. Kind of like overflowing closets. Everything always seems to be spilling out and it takes so much TIME to clean it all out.

I need a plan, like trying to keep focused and get my house organized like those Pinterest pins. Even if I implemented one a week, or month, that would be a start. I should also join to manage all of social networks in one place. ONE computer dashboard!

Don’t those ideas sound nice? I think I need to take a deep breath and head in that direction.


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