Organic Yogurt for the Whole Family

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As you know from my last post I was shopping at Whole Foods the other day. When I was checking out I handed the girl my coupons which contained free Smari organic yogurt. She looks at these coupons, her mouth drops open and then shifts her head to look right at me and asked – ‘WHERE did you get these coupons?’

I told her that I received them from the company and she just blurted out – ‘I want some! This is my favorite yogurt from all of the yogurt we sell here! I’m going to contact the company to see if I can get some.’ I smiled and politely nodded at her, but I was excited to get home and try out Smari!

What I do know now and wish I could have told her was there IS a buy one get one free coupon at the website.

Back to business! What is Smari and why is it so special?

Smari Organic Yogurt

Smari is the signature thykk yogurt (skyr) of Iceland. The secret is in the cows. Using the right ones that produce richer, thicker, better tasting milk.

Their cows don’t live in Iceland though. They’re in Wisconsin. Which can feel a lot like Iceland, especially in January. ha ha! That is on their website. You can actually meet their cows right on the site too!

Smári yogurt is

  • higher in protein (20g) per serving than any other yogurt in the U.S.
  • made from 4 cups of milk versus only 2-3 cups used for Greek yogurts
  • loaded with calcium and low in sugar
  • thicker and creamier than most other yogurt, even Greek yogurt
  • the only certified organic Icelandic yogurt available
  • made from milk and fruit that are not treated with hormones, pesticides, or herbicides
  • made with milk from the happiest grass-fed Jerseys and Guernseys
  • available in Pure, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Vanilla

I know you want to try it! It’s very creamy and thick. Yum!


We’ve chatted about Happy Family many times on this blog and you know why – It’s not only super tasty, but sooooo convenient that you can’t help to always have some stocked in your pantry or fridge.

Perfect for a quick and easy snack or stick in the bag to take in the car. Mess free.

I know you mostly think of their products to be for the little ones, but their Happy Squeeze line is marketed towards everyone. Parents too! You see my whole family testing out the Superfood pouches awhile back.

In fact, I’m going to save you some time (because I’ve looked everywhere!) and tell you that you will not find Happy Squeeze in the baby food aisle. They are found in the canned fruit aisle…at Walmart!


Brand new on the market and made with only the best organic ingredients, Happy Squeeze Greek Yogurt pouches organic yogurt do not contain artificial colors or flavors, trans fats, GMOs and are certified USDA organic, gluten free and kosher.

Comes in three varieties: Razzleberry; Super Strawberry and Peachy Keen. Each pouch is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D, and contains two grams of protein.

Of course they are a family favorite!

Are you an organic yogurt family?

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 I received these items for free for review and all opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate.

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