Organic Wool Pillow from Savvy Rest

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You need an organic wool pillow from Savvy Rest. Every night I lay down on my Organic Shredded Latex Pillow and I sleep soundly. It is definitely the best pillow I ever had and I hope it lasts me forever! If you remember I reviewed it back in February. Check it out because you will want one too!

Organic Wool Pillow

organic wool pillow

This month we are reviewing the Organic Wool Pillow from Savvy Rest. You notice that I said ‘we’ because this has become Hubby’s pillow. Lucky guy!

When I told him it was wool, he instantly backed off, as he is a hot sleeper and was afraid this pillow would make it worse. Did you know that the opposite can be true? Wool is a very breathable fiber and can keep you cool if your body needs that. If you don’t believe me then read the Savvy Rest description…

If you sleep hot, you’ll appreciate how this pillow’s organic wool fill helps stabilize your temperature. Wool fiber is a natural insulator (from heat or cold) and improves air flow. Wool also promotes moisture evaporation for drier, cooler comfort.

Neat huh?


Now why you should have Organic Pillows…

Synthetic fillings and polyester fabrics are manufactured from petrochemicals, which can cause gas toxins and sensitivity-causing fumes. Down/feather pillows harbor dust mites and cause allergic reactions in many people.

Nasty? Wonder if you had health issues already? You’re just making it worse when you sleep.

We spend a third of our day in bed. We want to be breathing in fresh air to prepare our body for the next day. It’s just healthier! Plus we sleep BETTER knowing that we are SAFER!

Maybe Savvy Rest will let me review their Organic Mattresses next! 😉


WIN an Organic Wool Pillow & start sleeping organic!

Find the pillow on Amazon.

Good Luck!

Savvy Rest sent me this organic wool pillow for review. I was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own. 

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