One Piece Kids Suit from Sun Protection Zone

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Lovin’ our one piece kids suit. We are a lucky family. We get to go to the beach in December! Now, we don’t get to play in the freezing cold water, but we can take a nice walk, build sandcastles, and watch the beautiful kites that are always being flown in the air.

Do you get to go somewhere warm this winter? I hope so! Sun Protection Zone wanted me to share this product with you so that you can be prepared for your vacation. It is a great item and I am happy to show it off!

Well P’Diddy will show it off…

one piece kids suit

One Piece Kids Suit

We’ve never had a one piece suit like this. We have been missing out! It is so much easier to get on and zip up then dealing with a set of swim shorts and a top that I have to squeeze over his head.

A little warmer too which is perfect for these winter days!

NeoSkinz combines tightly woven high density for flexibility and neoprene for core-warmth. Our four way stretch fabric is comfortable to wear, dries quickly and stands up well to chlorine and salt water. NeoSkinz are tightly woven with proprietary high-density yarn for maximum UV protection. 
The material is very nice and the sun protection is a double bonus! I think you will like it too!
He reminds me of a little surfer 🙂
Does your family need a one piece kids suit? We love ours!
one piece kids suit
WIN a NeoSkinz One Piece Kids Suit 
Comes in 2 colors for Boys and 2 colors for Girls
Sizes 2-8

Good Luck!

Sun Protection Zone sent me this product for review. I was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own. 

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