No More Cow’s Milk for Us

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Many years ago Hubby began to talk about cow’s milk and how we should shy away from it. In the beginning, I basically ignored him. No milk? No way! Over time, study, and just wanting to become a better health eater, I started to take him more seriously. Here is why I decided No More Cow’s Milk For Us.

There is lots of research out there if you google or youtube. Read up on the topic because I know you will find info to make you think. Today I’m going to share with you a section from my Forks Over Knives book that I recently read. It sums it up well and scares me too.

No More Cow’s Milk for Us

Casein, the primary protein in cow’s milk, may be one of the most potent chemicals carcinogens ever identified. Linked to increased risk of cancer, juvenile diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and many other conditions.

Humans have no nutritional need for cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is designed to provide baby calf with adequate nutrients to grow from 70lbs to 1000lbs in one year. And it contains casomorphins, addictive compounds similar to morphine, to ensure that the calf will stay near it’s mother, safely nursing and growing. Casomorphines are addictive for humans as well, which can make giving up dairy a challenge.

We started with Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond Milk on my oldest C’Man. He was the one most willing to try it and he quickly found that he liked it. Bingo. Yes! He was sold almost right away. O’Bear is my stubborn child and would not drink it. I started P’Diddy on Blue Diamond Unsweetened Almond Milk. No added sugar. He has very rarely had cow’s milk in his 2.5 years {edited to add later: 6 years!!}

One day, about six months or so ago I quit buying cow’s milk altogether. I buy all different varieties of almond milk ~ plain, vanilla, sweetened, unsweetened, even chocolate!

No More Cow's Milk for Us

Then one day I discovered a new variety. Blue Diamond Almond Coconut Blend. A combination of both! It was soooo good. Even Hubby couldn’t stop raving about it. I emailed my friends and family and told them they needed to try this milk. Yum!

So here I am today, sharing with you Blue Diamond Almond Breeze and how they became a staple at our house. Yes, I use it to cook with, put in cereal, etc. Try it!!

And that is why No More Cow’s Milk For Us!

Edited later to add: Lately I’ve made my own. Check out my Homemade Strawberry Almond Milk recipe.


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