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No More Cow’s Milk for Us

Many years ago Hubby began to talk about cow’s milk and how we should shy away from it. In the beginning, I basically ignored him. No milk? No way! Over time, study, and just wanting to become a better health eater, I started to take him more seriously. Here is why I decided No More Cow’s Milk For Us.

There is lots of research out there if you google or youtube. Read up on the topic because I know you will find info to make you think. Today I’m going to share with you a section from my Forks Over Knives book that I recently read. It sums it up well and scares me too.

No More Cow’s Milk for Us

Casein, the primary protein in cow’s milk, may be one of the most potent chemicals carcinogens ever identified. Linked to increased risk of cancer, juvenile diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and many other conditions.

Humans have no nutritional need for cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is designed to provide baby calf with adequate nutrients to grow from 70lbs to 1000lbs in one year. And it contains casomorphins, addictive compounds similar to morphine, to ensure that the calf will stay near it’s mother, safely nursing and growing. Casomorphines are addictive for humans as well, which can make giving up dairy a challenge.

We started with Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond Milk on my oldest C’Man. He was the one most willing to try it and he quickly found that he liked it. Bingo. Yes! He was sold almost right away. O’Bear is my stubborn child and would not drink it. I started P’Diddy on Blue Diamond Unsweetened Almond Milk. No added sugar. He has very rarely had cow’s milk in his 2.5 years {edited to add later: 6 years!!}

One day, about six months or so ago I quit buying cow’s milk altogether. I buy all different varieties of almond milk ~ plain, vanilla, sweetened, unsweetened, even chocolate!

No More Cow's Milk for Us

Then one day I discovered a new variety. Blue Diamond Almond Coconut Blend. A combination of both! It was soooo good. Even Hubby couldn’t stop raving about it. I emailed my friends and family and told them they needed to try this milk. Yum!

So here I am today, sharing with you Blue Diamond Almond Breeze and how they became a staple at our house. Yes, I use it to cook with, put in cereal, etc. Try it!!

And that is why No More Cow’s Milk For Us!

Edited later to add: Lately I’ve made my own. Check out my Homemade Strawberry Almond Milk recipe.


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  • While I respect you wanting to eat healthy, I don't foresee me ever giving up cow's milk or cow's milk products. I know cow's milk is for calves, but I believe God put the milk there for us too. One thing that springs to mind is squirrels like nuts and birds berries, does that mean we as humans shouldn't eat nuts or berries? I'm not saying that there aren't possibly negatives to human's consuming cow's milk. I just don't like reading statements along the line of cow's milk is for cows. Thank you for wording your post so well though, Courtney. I was not offended by it at all. I've read some very confrontational and nasty comments on the cow's milk issue before. Take care! P.S. I wouldn't mind trying this product though or seeing if it is one that my sister who has special dietary needs could use.
  • I ONLY drink Almond Breeze's Almond Milk. I've also tried their Coconut + Almond variety and it's delicious as well! Thanks for the giveaway. :)
  • I do drink almond milk instead of cow's milk. I haven't tried Almond Breeze yet tho but I will. I do occasionally get organic lowfat cow's milk, but less and less these days. :)
  • My husband and I just watched the Forks over Knives documentary and have been wanting to give up cow's milk. I just wasn't sure where to start! I thought about trying a new variety of "milk alternative" each week and seeing what we like best. My mom likes Almond Breeze...I may have to try it too! I would love to find the almond milk/coconut milk blend!
  • yes, have thought about giving it up. Love vanilla almond breeze and now so does hubby. Kids don't like it much though. Working on it . . .
  • We are slowly weaning off of cows milk my husband is the only one having issues with getting it fully out of the house. My kiddos love almond milk in any flavor!
  • I haven't completely stopped buying cow milk but I have been integrating soy milk and I like it. I'd love to try almond milk. Thanks!
  • We drink almond milk at our house but Silk brand. We LOVE it! I have never tried blue diamond brand. The coconut and almond blend sounds YUMMO! I will have to look for it next grocery-go-round.
  • I started drinking Almond Breeze over a year ago when I went on a no wheat, no gluten and no casein diet. I had also started seeing a naturopathic doctor and found out I had food sensitivities to 31 different foods. I absolutely love Almond Breeze and love drinking it! It has a fantastic taste that anybody will love!!
  • I've been reading about milk from time to time. I've considered changing to something else but hadn't figured out what. I will give this Almond Breeze a try! Off to find some coupons!! I would be interested in receiving some of the info you've gathered on pros/cons of cow's milk. My girls love milk, as do I, so it may take some convincing to get them to try something else.
  • I have tried Almond Milk, but never Almond Breeze and I would love to try them! We are about half the time realy dairy and half the time almond or rice milk!
  • Almond milk is my favorite and coconut is close second! I can't drink regular milk anymore and it just doesn't taste right now.
  • I'm trying to switch to almond milk slowly. Milk is much cheaper so most times I buy cow milk for the price.
  • I looooooove the almond-coconut blend - it seriously tastes like it should be a million calories but it's not!! And it's chock-full of all kinds of nutrients that aren't in cows milk!!! I've been trying to quit pumping at work (just pumping, not nursing....not until my 1y/o is good and ready - lol :) but I wanted to find something better than cows milk or juice to send to the daycare with my LO....almond, coconut and rice milks are exactly what I was looking for!! For the past 3 weeks or so, we've been sending in a sippy cup of either the almond, coconut or rice milks and a sippy of breast milk - she loves it!! It's good stuff and I'm happy that I was able to find a great beverage for her to enjoy at daycare for when my freezer stash is depleted ;^)
  • We have been a milk free home for 3 yrs now and Almond milk is so good I do not cow milk at all. Use it for all my baking, cereal, and even coffee! Yum
  • We haven't drank cows milk in years. Occasionally we'll get raw cheese or organic sour cream (tastes like cream cheese). We drink coconut, almond, rice and hemp milk. Switch it up a bit :)
  • My family drinks cow's milk, but I have a good friend who's daughter is extremely allergic to all things dairy. If I win, I will give her my prize.
  • I don’t drink mik, but I do love ice cream, milkshakes and cheese. I have thought about it, but I may just give it up for a month and see if any of the things wrong with my body improves. I’ve heard that some people have an allergy without even realizing it.
  • I found out I was lactose intolerant about 13 years ago. At the time I really didn't think much of it figuring that there was just something wrong with my body since I couldn't digest it. The further along I have gotten though I have read and realize that cow's milk is not made to feed humans. It is made to feed calves. However, try to tell that to milk lover and they just roll their eyes. I've tried a few things since giving up dairy. I liked soy milk ok, but it was thick, left and aftertaste and had too much estrogen to be healthy ( I have since found out). I like rice milk as well, but fell in love with Almond Milk a few years ago. It is the perfect consistency for me! Not too thick and not too thin. Now that I am nursing a baby - because Mama's milk is the best for her! - I have fretted over what to do when she gets bigger. I do plan to nurse until she decides to stop, but what if, for instance, she wants cereal like Daddy has (He's a milk drinker)? I just haven't been able to convince him I really don't want to give her any if possible. I live my life that way and am very healthy, so I am confident she can be, too.
  • We have not tried Almond Milk yet! We do drink cows milk and soy milk tho. Not sure we could give up cows milk. We love milk! Thanks!
  • I am vegan and have been lactose intolerant for 22 years! I love almond milk amd am so glad to see how popular it is becoming!
  • I haven't tried it yet, but my son has given up dairy all together. I think I would try this first before deciding to give up dairy.
  • No cows milk for us. Always Almond Milk. You never know what you are getting with cows milk...hormones, antibiotics, the list goes on.
  • My family gave up cow's milk about 4 years ago, and my favorite milk is almond milk. At first, we did soy milk and WIC gave us soymilk but we heard bad things about the soy protein isolate in soy milk, so we rarely drink soy. Though we eat lots of tofu as everything we've heard about fermented soy products are good. I totally reccomend almond milk though I have not tried this specific brand.
  • I've never tried almond milk, but I'd like to. I've never thought about giving up regular milk entirely, but I have reduced the amount I consume.
  • My family only drinks alternative milk- coconut, almond, grain, hemp, or other non-cow milk varieties. We had to switch because my son is on a GFCF diet to combat autism.
  • I gave up cows milk about 4 yrs ago and LOVE unsweetened almond milk! I generally use it just for on cereal and cooking but I don't mind it right out of the glass...I just generally drink water. This is such a great alternative to cows milk!
  • yes I've tried just about all the varieties of milk alternatives on the market. I do like the chocolate almond milk! :) and I LOVE the almond/coconut blend. I would like to "give up" cow's milk but... yogurt and ice cream would be VERY hard for me to cut out. I think I could give up the milk in cereal and cooking though, which would probably be a good start! :)
  • I have not tried this type of milk yet. The Almond Coconut sounds yummy! Thanks for the giveaway :)
  • We haven't had dairy milk for a long time but just recently tried almond milk (we usually drink soy milk). It's so good ... and works great in cooking. Thanks for this opportunity! reducefootprints at gmail dot com
  • I use almond milk every morning in my cereal, it's tasty and 1/2 cup of plain is 0 Weight Watchers points!
  • I would never give up dairy. I've never tried almond milk before but have tried an Italian drink called Orzata which is very good.
  • Don't want to give up dairy... but I do keep rice milk and/or almond milk on hand. I think Blue Diamond has the *best* chocolate almond milk.
  • I am a vegetarian, so I watch my protein intake. Almond milk tastes great, but I wouldn't drink it all the time since it hardly has any protein.
  • Yes. I still rarely drink cow's milk and I don't like it much anymore. I, however, looove almond milk.
  • I would not give up dairy, but I would not be against trying new products like this to help give me better rounded nutrition
  • i'm a vegetarian so i've though about giving up cow's milk, but havent done so completely. the only milk i actually buy though is almond breeze. i never buy actual cow's milk, i only consume it in other products.
  • i have given up cow's milk and am trying to coax my daughter as well. i love almond milk but she doesn't like it as much as i do. jagar0047 at yahoo dot com
  • I have tried almond milk although haven't given up cow's milk completely. I do like the taste of it better than soy. I use it in a lot of recipes and look forward to the day when I've totally "weaned" my life off of dairy for good!
  • We only purchase Raw Milk - not the stuff you find in your local grocery, this comes straight from a local farm with no processing. There's a HUGE difference. I buy soy milk from time to time too, but I don't think we've tried Almond Milk before.
  • I haven't given up cow milk... and I'm not sure I could...however, I have heard that Almond milk is good and would love to try it.
  • this is the only almond milk I will drink. It tastes the best of all the brands out there! I am lactose intolerant and drank soy for years, until I discovered how awesome almond milk is!
  • I've actually always hated cow's milk. And until we found out my daughter was allergic to it, I literally had no idea about the alternatives! We tried soy at first because that's what WIC gives you if there's a dairy allergy, but I found almond milk and I fell in love! Now I actually drink milk more than just added to my coffee lol.
  • I like Almond milk in my smoothies. I haven't tried it regularly (i.e., in my cereal or by itself) but I like that they different flavors
  • I've thought about giving up cows milk, but never actually done it yet! I would love to try out almond milk.

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