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We hoed and hummed. Should we bring the pack n play with us? Will our rental already have one provided? Most importantly, is there room in the car? Our answer was No to all three of these questions so we needed to find an alternative.

I found No Hassle Vacations!

For the past twelve years we have specialized in providing rental equipment to the vacationers in the greater Orlando area. Our goal is to provide the finest customer service and the cleanest, newest equipment in the rental equipment market today.

Not only do they carry pack n plays, but full sized cribs and toddler beds! It doesn’t stop there though. You can rent rollaway beds, car seats (perfect if you flew down!), even wheel chairs and bbq grills!

Another item that I would have thought about if I didn’t just receive my new compact one, is a stroller! It costs $20 a day at the attractions to use. $45 a week for a single stroller sounds much better to me and I can always have it with me. Plus these are NICE ones!

Can I tell you the best part? They deliver to your rental and then pick it up to you! It is truly No Hassle!

I forgot to take a picture of P’Diddy in his bed, but I will tell you that he felt right at home. Glad he had his own space to sleep soundly in.

Thank You No Hassle Vacations!


We received a pack n play for review on vacation and I loved writing this post to tell you about it!


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