Nintendo DS Dagedar Review


Dagedar was released just this past November. The game is based on the Dagedar racing balls. Has this mama heard of Dagedar before? No, but of course my boys have and they were thrilled to receive a copy!

Each DaGeDar holds a unique “spirit within” that offers advantage to the player during each race. Using sharp reflexes players do battle in a game of speed and skill as they race their DaGeDar ball to the end of a virtual raceway. Each raceway is composed lanes that loop, drop, climb and bank – but also contain blocks, and gaps that will knock the player off their game.

100 basic DaGeDar balls to unlock and choose from.

Each ball carries abilities of Acceleration, Top Speed, Defense and Attack. Single or Multi-Player game play.

2 balls are in play at a time. (though each of my boys have a DS you need TWO games to play each other. A bummer.)

50 fast and furious raceways.

Typical race time is 2-3 min.

This is a racing game! Instead of cars, the balls have different abilities and roll on different tracks. The levels get harder as you go of course. It’s fast moving and you better be paying attention!

C’Man is nine and can play it like a pro. O’Bear is seven and has a bit harder time with it.

I decided to put my hand to it because as I was watching C’Man play, I thought okay, that doesn’t look very hard. WRONG! C’Man made it look easy! Gosh, these kids know what they are doing. I couldn’t even get past the first section as my ball would knock the electric fence and I would have to go back to the beginning. ha!! 🙂

As I write this, C’Man is cheering for myself as he unlocks new balls and tracks. I guess it is a hit!

This game was given to us for review and all opinions are mine.

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