Natural Family Planning with the Fertility Monitor OvaCue

Natural Family PlanningYou’ll remember my post on the OvaCue back in September and about natural family planning. I gave you a good description on how it works and why so many couples have turned to it for help. A majority of those women are trying to become moms. The OvaCue is designed for that and can help the process go much smoother, especially for those with fertility issues.

The reason I was interested in testing out this cool little device, was for natural family planning. A form of birth control that doesn’t rely on anything except getting to know your body and charting. It sounds quite simple, but in fact is something that you need to be taught to do.

I had been putting off researching natural family planning as an option because it takes TIME. Time and patience are two things I don’t have much of. I looked into hiring a women who specializes in this area to sit down with Hubby and I and teach us how it all works. It is more expensive than I would have thought and that option quickly vaporized.

Am I confusing you?

Why is natural family planning so hard to learn?

What does it entail? My blog friend T Rex mom, who is a nursing student, wrote a fantastic post about all the options. I’m going to let you refer to it because I can’t say it any better. Plus she understands it all so well.

Natural Family Planning with Ovacue

Those are all the reasons I was thrilled to find the OvaCue. I didn’t even know devices like it were available. It is so easy. Each morning I am taking a reading of the electrolytes in my saliva until I ovulate. How do I know I am ovulating? My calendar is color-coded. Blue leads up to the days where I could be fertile and when it turns pink I know the time has come. I also use the vaginal sensor every evening for an added factor. Makes everything even more precise.

Keep track of your charts right there on the monitor or plug into OvaGraph online and your info can be plugged in for easy access.

Everything just takes seconds out of your day and no more guesswork.

Most important ~ no more pills or chemicals being released into your body to prevent pregnancy. That is not natural and can harm the way our body works. I shutter at the thought of all the years I did take preventive medicine. Every. Single. Day. I can’t imagine doing that for most of my life! Not including the emotional roller coaster those drugs takes you through.

Do things naturally with the OvaCue. Remember to check out my previous post or their website for info on how easy and exact it is.


What are your thoughts on Natural Family Planning?


ETA: If you check out Trisha’s comment below it is a reminder that there are websites and organizations that can help with learning more about our bodies and natural birth control.


I received the OvaCue for review and links may be affiliate, but all opinions are my own.

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