National Geographic Challenge for Wii


Allow players to explore our planet through its history and geography, starting a journey through the world’s different ages and all its continents witnessing the extraordinary extent of mankind’s achievements.  The works of Michelangelo, the secrets of the emperor Nero, the adventures of the great Caesar, the mysteries on the history of Charlemagne, the oddities of animal lives and the most bizarre geographical curiosities contained in the “National Geographic Challenge!” will satisfy your thirst for knowledge and liven up your evenings together providing sheer entertainment!

If you are a trivia buff with an good knowledge of geography, science, & history, then this game is for you!

You can play up to 4 people so awesome for the whole family to play at once.

I recommend even playing on teams because I think this game is HARD. My boys, at ages 7&9, play it, but also end up quitting early because it is to much of a challenge. I played against them the other day and even I didn’t have an easy time.

We are eager to get the Smart-Trivia-Loving-Hubby- to play with us because I think he would really like it!

Besides questions, there are puzzles and other little areas like anagrams, to figure out along the way.

With over 4,000 questions you can have fun for a long time ~ and learn a lot too! 🙂

We received this game for review and all opinion are my own.

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