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My Teen’s Love for Guitar Playing Continues with Fender

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The weather has been freezing for most of the country. I love seeing pictures of my South Carolina friends buried in snow, when here in Colorado there is none! We’ve been enjoying this fall-like weather with as much outside time as we can fit in. The other day, C’Man brought his guitar along for a a little fresh air practice. This teen’s love for guitar playing has really grown this year.

My Teen's Love for Guitar Playing Continues with Fender Play

If you recall my post Teaching Teens Online Guitar Lessons, he’s been using the online Fender Play program to learn how to play this musical instrument. That was back in July and while I’ll admit he doesn’t spend as much time on it as he did on lessons, he still picks up the guitar often to learn something new.

My Teen's Love for Guitar Playing Continues with Fender

That is the beauty of Fender Play. Log-in on your schedule. Whether that is everyday or once a week. Spend a few minutes or hours playing. Choose from hundreds of instructional videos and hands-on exercise. The best part? The curriculum is based on your music style. C’Man is into country so that is what he chose. Yes! Though he is a beginner he is learning riffs from songs from many artists he knows. Oldies and newbies are thrown in the mix.

My Teen's Love for Guitar Playing Continues with Fender Play

You can go in order of the lessons. It’s very clear on the next stop or even skip around a bit. My Path is what it is called so you can always see your progression and go back if you need to. Very flexible! I love that lessons can be as little as 2 minutes. Start, listen, pause, play. You’ll see above how they split the screen to show you what both hands are doing. Go at your speed and try again for as many attempts as it takes to be comfortable.

My Teen's Love for Guitar Playing Continues with Fender

This fifteen year old could use all the confidence that comes his way and playing music really brings out his smile and attitude. You know he is proud of his accomplishments.

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My Teen's Love for Guitar Playing Continues with Fender

This teen’s love for guitar is growing daily. Do you know someone who would like to get started playing too?

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  • This is awesome. I was one of the winners of the Fender Squier strat guitar packs in the December giveaway you had on here. It just arrived today and my 13 yo is so overjoyed and is in his room right now working with Fender Play. I am going to get a couple of pictures, it is gorgeous, and tag you and Fender on FB. Thank you so much again for hosting the giveaway!!

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