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My Funny Feeding Stories #hfbrightside

My dad has a story that he loves to tell.


He loves ice cream and started me young on that addiction. Says that my eyes would get big anticipating that next bite. I couldn’t get enough. At the same time I did not like pumpkin pie. Can’t imagine that now! ha!

It was my first Thanksgiving and I would have been about 10 months old. My dad thought that he could trick me and he hid a bit of pumpkin pie in the middle of a spoon of ice cream. I took it eagerly and then instantly spit it out and made a face that he’ll never forget. I was no dummy!

We all have Funny Feeding Stories with our kids. Just the other day when we received our shipment of Happy Family pouches. As soon as I open up the box and P’Diddy sees what is inside he wants one. I tell him that we should stick them in the fridge so that they’ll get cold and be more yummy.

He thought that was a great idea so he takes them out and puts him in HIS fridge. Right next to the cupcakes.


oh I love having a little one. Our Funny Stories are something that we will always remember and be passed down for generations as you can see! Check out the hilarious videos on the Happy Family YouTube Page!

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What is your Funny Feeding Story?

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  • kids definately know what they like and don't like. I had a similar experience with my granddaughter when she was about 1 1/2. She won't eat meat. But I thought I could sneak a little piece of chicken in with her noodles and alfredo. WRONG ANSWER GRAMMA! her tongue went 1,000 miles and hour to spit out that itty bitty teeny tiny piece of chicken. I can still see the expression on her face. too funny!

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