My Baby is Twooooooo!


I’ve been teaching him for weeks to say two when someone asks how old he is. Now he’ll easily answer, ‘twooooooooooo’.

He was a lucky baby and got to spend his birthday in Mickey Mouse’s hometown. He loves telling us over and over how he gave Donald Duck a high five (after all the scared screaming mind you).

That day was spent playing his first game of mini golf and eating a chocolate ice cream cone.

I can’t believe my baby is two. It seems like not very long ago when I was pregnant with his older brother and becoming a mom for the first time. I remember picking out items on my registry, including a baby walker that was perfect for our little ranch house.

Today our house is bigger. Our family has grown. It is sad that I have put all the newborn clothes in storage and sold the baby bouncer to the consignment shop. My youngest is now a toddler and before I know will be headed to school too.

The next post I’ll be writing about birthdays is when I hit halfway to 40 (no not 20!) or when C’Man hits double digits. They are both coming soon.

How time flies.

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