Mother’s Day #PointofVue Keurig Sweepstakes

In honor of Moms everywhere, Keurig wants to hear directly from you! What is your point of view and best motherhood advice?

I thought about this for a few minutes. I have lots of advice of course, but which one do I really use on a daily basis. I looked down at my calendar and it hit me.

Write everything down!

With three kids and a Hubby who seems to have as much going on as them, I have to write everything down to keep us all on track. Every December I grab a weekly planner at the bookstore with enough space to write down everything I need to.

Schedules, Appointments, School Reminders, Store Lists, Dinner Menu, Blog Posts, and even cute things your kids say and do that you don’t want to forget!


Keurig will be hosting a sweepstakes from today until Monday the 6th on Instagram.

They want you to create and upload images that encompass your best motherhood advice.  Whether it’s Mom holding up a glass of wine at the end of the day with a caption that reads “make sure to take time for yourself” or a photo of Mom holding up piece of paper sharing her best motherhood advice, Keurig wants to hear Mom’s #PointofVue.

10 entrants will be selected at random WIN a Keurig® Vue® V600 Brewing System in honor of Mother’s Day and their fantastic advice!!


I know you want to WIN! I just received those Vue Cups up above in my photo and waiting for my Keurig Vue to arrive to test them out. I won one and I would looooove if one of my readers won one too!

 Join me in the sweepstakes by tagging @Keurig and using #PointofVue on Instagram.

Good Luck!


I received coffee samples for my post. All opinions are my own.

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