Mother’s Day Idea ~ Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System


What has been the number one product on this mama’s Christmas, Birthday, and Mother’s Day list? A Keurig Brewer! I’m guessing that it may be on many of your lists too!

What makes it so attractive? A couple of things…first, you brew a single cup of coffee at a time. Are you the only coffee drinker in the house? I am and that is what makes the Keurig perfect for me! Even if you weren’t the only, maybe you both like different flavors? This is the second attraction…all the choices…so many yummy ones…

Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut

Green Mountain Wild Blueberry

Timothy’s German Chocolate Cake

Do I need to keep going? Even if you aren’t a coffee fan, there are still great drinks to try…

Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider

Swiss Miss Hot Choclate (for the kids!)

Mandarin Orange Spice Herbal Tea


The most affordable Keurig is the Mini Plus.

Instead of filling your brewer with water to last for a few days, the mini only allows you to fill it for one cup.

Also, because it is smaller in size, it does not fit your taller travel mugs.

It is just as easy to use though!

Place your K-Cup inside, shut it, push Brew, and out comes hot coffee. I am in love.

The Keurig Mini is available in four colors ~ the platinum I have, the red on top, plus white and black.

What color would you want?


For my eco-friendly mamas ~ worry about the K-Cup waste? When I’m not lazy I do clean them out and throw them in the recycle bin, but you can grab the reusable My K-Cup and you can pour ANY coffee in the cup to brew.

Did you hear that everyone? ANY ground coffee, not just K-Cups, can be made with this!

How can a coffee maker get any better?! 🙂


The Keurig Mini Brewer in Black is on Amazon right now for $86.00 ~ this is gooood!

Otherwise, they retail for around $99.95

I received a Keurig for this review and all opinions are my own.

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