Mom’s Week Sampler Event for YOU!

As a blogger who loves showing off healthy products to my mamas and who also likes to give things away, I couldn’t wait to tell you about Mom’s Week. For 5 days YOU can grab free samples for 13 brands. Plus participate in another 10 flash Facebook giveaways. It is going to be so much FuN!

I have a lot of information to share with you so read closely. First I want to share with you the 13 awesome companies you can get samples for!

Perfect Bar | AmazonLink to Event

We were in Whole Foods the other day and Hubby and my brother were having a discussion about how the Perfect Bar really is ‘perfect’. They are yummy, whole food nutrition bars and are so fresh they are kept in the fridge. High protein, Gluten Free and No Refined Sugar.

FATCO | Link to Event

Can you eat it? I think so! But I wouldn’t. Put it on your skin – Paleo certified and made with Organic Tallow from GrassFed Cows among other things. The Baby Butta will be perfect for your little ones bum, dry skin and itchy spots. Paraben free of course.

DeVita | AmazonApp Link

It’s time to look beautiful mamas with DeVita all natural skincare and cosmetics. No more tired eyes with this soothing creme serum that will help reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles.

100% Vegan, Paraben Free, No Animal Testing. Only the best for us!

parissa | AmazonLink to Event

I remember the one time I tried to wax my legs myself. It was an ewwy gooey mess. These strips make it so easy and even better – all natural and/or organic ingredients. You’ll be smooth and silky in no time.

MyChelle | AmazonLink to Event

We were slathering on messy melty lotion at the baseball game the other day and Hubby says we need to find a good spray lotion. MyChelle Sun Shield SPF 30 arrived – free of artificial fragrances and colors. Just what we need! Reef Safe too.

Apricot Power | AmazonLink to Event

Superfood Chocolate Brownie – yes this catches my eye! Grown in California this apricot seed company is full of surprises including this yummy Vegan drink.


Solves Strips | Link to Event

Moms need easy. Especially when our little ones are sick. Pediatric Electrolyte Strips dissolve easily and tastes great – giving them those added nutrients they need quickly when not feeling well. No added sugar – say goodbye to juices and sports drinks.

Healthy Skoop | AmazonLink to Event

My new breakfast is this B-Strong Plant-based Protein Shake – the vanilla with almond milk tastes like cake batter I think! I am so happy to find this local-to-me company that I won’t be able to stop spreading the word! USDA Organic products plus they Give Back with 3% of every sale going to the Product Produce Program.

Danskin Now

DanskinNow at | Link to Event

I think my family is already sick of me wearing this shirt – it is cute and comfy and I can’t help myself! These motivational DRY MORE Moisture Wicking Tees can be found at for only $4.96!

Buddha Teas | AmazonLink to Event

Everything you could want in a tea. Only natural and organic ingredients {no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives} in unbleached tea bags. They even plant 5,000 trees a year to offset the paper used in their tea bags. You’ll be able to taste the difference in this high quality tea!

eureka! organic bread | Link to Event

Finding bread that has no high fructose corn syrup can be challenge. Look for eureka! organic breads and your hunt will be over. Nothing artificial here – even the packaging is sustainable!

And remember – little eyes copy you in healthy eating – I made this snack with almond butter, mango and blueberries for myself. Guess who had to make their own after they saw me eating it? The kids!

Bitsy's Brainfood | AmazonLink to Event

I’ve been eyeing these as I shop at Target and now I’m excited to try. Orange Chocolate Beet Cookies, Sweet Potato Cinna-Graham, Banana Squash Squares are just a few of the flavors. All organic with half a serving of organic vegetables in each handful.

Greeniche | Link to Event

I’ve given up sugar this month and Stevia has been a lifesaver. All natural Greeniche Stevia is made with 99.8% Reb-A where most brands use a much lower purity which leaves a bitter aftertaste. Add it to recipes and you won’t even know it’s zero calories!


Now you need to RSVP – click that link!

Most importantly this gives you the Calendar of Events {held May 2-6} – when each Sampler is taking place and when all the flash giveaways on Facebook are, but it also enters you for the grand prize which is a gift basket full of prizes from these brands!

Those ‘Link to Event’ under each photo will take you directly to the sample on Facebook at the given day/time – be sure to get there right away because I don’t want you to miss any!

Crunchy Beach Mama flash giveaway will be held on May 4th from 11:00-1:00 EST only! Be sure like my Facebook page as I help give you reminders through out the week.

Mom's Week

Are you so excited to grab Free Samples from all these companies?!

I partnered with Sampler for this sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate.

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