Mohawk Home Area Rug


I had not lived in a home with hardwood floors in five years. With three boys and a dog, I surely missed them! Each rental we’ve had since then, the carpet was always the biggest issue when we left. So happy our new home has hardwood and I can put a Mohawk Area Rug to the test as we need a bit of cushion from the boys who spend all of their time on the floor. Plus a little protection would be nice too!

I was going to go with plain jane safe decor and buy a solid colored rug for our main living space ~ maybe beige/brown. Boring I know. I then started browsing area rugs made by Mohawk Home. I was having to much fun checking out all the different styles they offer. I found a modern/very colorful/definitely fun rug. I was torn. Boring or Fun.

I made Hubby make the decision. He chose Fun and until it arrived I was having doubts. Did we make the right decision?

Our Area Rug

Mohawk Home Area Rug

I love my new area rug! It brightens up the whole room!!

I have smaller sized rug in my entry way which I liked until this one arrived and showed me that there are differences in rugs! n Did I say I love it? We purchased a natural jute padding to go underneath and now the boys really enjoy spreading out their toys, laying down to watch a movie, and we even got out the family games to play on the floor. It really has become the focal point of this room!


Mohawk Home, the rug division of Mohawk Industries, is the largest manufacturer of area rugs, indoor and outdoor mats, and washable rugs in the United States. As part of the largest flooring manufacturer in the world, we are able to control quality from raw materials to the finished product.

They have MANY well known and easy to get to retailers, like Lowes, Target, Kohls, plus easy to shop online at Amazon!


WIN an Area Rug of your choice! Up to 5×8 and $149!

Good Luck!

Mohawk Home sent me this rug for review and all opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate.

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