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Mod Straps Camera $40 Giveaway

I was sent a Mod Strap to help write this post and giveaway.

Over a year ago I dropped my point and shoot camera in the ocean. Yep. Smooth move I know. Since then I’ve been using my iPhone for all of my pics. It’s great as that it is small and always with me, but I’m a blogger. Taking pictures is my job and it wasn’t always easy.

It look us a move out west where our eyes are surrounded by beauty every minute to decide it was time we needed a good camera to take on our many adventures. A good camera needs a good strap and Mod Straps is the answer.


Not only are the prints so fun (it’s very hard to choose!), but they are of great quality.

StrapĀ length up to 48″ allows you to adjust to your comfort level. As you can see above, Hubby was able to cross it over his shoulders to carry on our hike. It’s tested to withstand pull down weight up to 90lbs!

Made with high grade synthetic leather on the ends and backed with durable webbing, but my absolute favorite part of the strap is the plush minky fabric on the back! So soft and comfy.

Mod Straps
The color I choose is earthy zig. Doesn’t that sound like me? I not only love the colors, but it is a pattern and style that Hubby can wear too. We’re in this new camera adventure together and it is a lot to learn, but we are loving it so far!

Hope you will notice my pictures slowly getting better as the year goes on…

Check out ModStraps.com ~ you’ll find a variety of straps and other camera accessories!

Mod Straps Earthy Zig

WIN $40 towards a Mod Straps purchase!

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I received this product to help write my post. This giveaway will end on Feb.2, 2015 at midnight EST. Winners will be drawn via rafflecopter. Once a winner is drawn I will contact them and they will have 48 hours to reply before I draw a new winner. Giveaway is open to anyone WW and you must be 18 years of age or older. Giveaway not affiliated with Facebook & I release them of liability. Winner will be posted in the rafflecopter widget.


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  • I had a Canon Powershot for years (5+) but in September of 2014 my love bought me a Canon Rebel SL1 and I'm so in love with it! It's my first camera I've ever owned that has had interchangeable lenses and it's light enough that my neck doesn't kill me when I'm out and about photographing! I love nature photography so that's mostly my focus, however, I've been dabbling into some portrait photography over the last 6 months. These straps are so lovely! Thanks for the chance to win one! =)
  • I have loved photography for a long time and am the designated one in my family. That is why I am not in many pictures.
  • My husband is our camera enthusiast, but he needs something better than the standard strap that shouts, "look at me, I am a tourist.". Thank you
  • I tried some other strap from Amazon and it wasn't good. It got complicated. lol I would love to have this.. My son needs one too.
  • Today my family and I were headed to a national park for their fee free day and I couldn't find my nice camera anywhere! I had to take my little point and shoot. Would love to win this strap so I could spot my camera from miles away.
  • I love my camera - Canon Rebel t3i. I wasn't so happy when my husband brought it home as it was most definitely not in the budget........but it takes great photos and I am learning more every time I use it.
  • I have a Cannon Camera that has the basic strap that came with it -- would be terrific to have a nice custom strap.
  • I LOOOOVE my Mod Straps! I also have their camera cap saver accessory - very handy! They have the prettiest things and great selection! EXCITED for you to get a big camera!! Tell me what kind it is!!!! :)
  • we have a Pentax camera that we got for our anniversary and love it.. We took lots of pics today on the birding trail not far from us we love it.. We were passed on the trail by much bigger cameras but we love the quality it gives us and it wasnt all that expensive...
  • My hubby just bought me a light for my Nikon.. I love photography and learning more about my camera!! :)
  • I suck at taking pics but I have a nice DSLR camera! LOL I'd love to accessorize it with a cool strap!
  • I don't have a camera so I use my phone. My sister has a camera like yours and she needs a strap for it. Thank you for the cool giveaway :)
  • I walk our yellow lab Sophie, we have conservations area's all around us. So when I spot flowers blooming I'm always trying to snap a pic, this strap would surely make my camera safer and easier to use
  • Your pics look great. All that Nature outside your door. My daughter is constantly shooting picss for ttown newspapers these straps would come in very handy.I've seen her black strap but I love yours in the pic. Thanks for there post. Carol L
  • This would be perfect for our camera! We are far from photograpers, however, we love taking pictures of our grandkids :)
  • I got a nice Cannon camera for my birthday in December and I am eager to learn to use it for incredible photos. It would be awesome to win this so I can ditch the boring black camera strap that came with it!
  • I have a Samsung that I got for my birthday that I need the strap for. I also keep a Sony cybershot in my purse always. I have 6 grandkids and always want to be ready for great pics.
  • I have a Canon Rebel XS and Love it!!!! The only thing I dislike is the strap. I've looked at these straps before and would love one, but just don't have the money right now.
  • im an amatuaer, i pretty much use my phone for most of my picture taking needs, but about once a week, weekends, i whip out the nikon, it does pretty well for the family stuff i do.
  • I have a new Nikon SLR that is so fun! I am not so great with changing all of the settings, but the pics are still pretty great!
  • I'm in between amateur and amateur plus. Haha. I have a cheap digital and my phone to take pictures. Another awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance!
  • I don't do much photography, but I would love to win this for my daughter. She loves taking pictures and is so good at it. thanks!
  • I have a Cannon Rebel that I got when our second child was born. I feel bad that I didn't have it to take better pictures the first time around.
  • My husband is the photographer in our house because I have a tremor in my hands and he does great work and is always willing to take a photograph of anything I ask him to. He has a go pro, cannon and video camera. These straps are lovely because the ones that come with the cameras aren't very comfortable or wide.
  • i love photography and having a good nice comfortable strap is a must! I have been out of the loop so congrats on your move. In my opinion once a beach momma always a beach momma. .the Ocean never leaves the soul. excited to get back to catching up on the blog:)
  • I do not yet have a DSLR camera, just a little point and shoot, however, my mom is a professional photographer, and I would love to give her the chance to pick out one she likes.
  • I recently bought a "nice" camera and took a photography class thru community education. It is a great hobby.
  • My son just got the Cannon Rebel T-5 for his college course and a new strapped would go awesome with it, this one is fantastic.

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