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Minky Changing Mat ($14)

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Champ 2.0 Diaper ($15.95)

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Little Bundle ($24)







Sports Bag ($24.99)







Kissaluvs Pocket Training Pants ($14.99)

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Miss Lilly’s Washing Powder ($10.95)

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Wool Diaper Liner ($6)

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SoftBums Omni Diaper ($21.95)

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  • Yes, I have read your spotlights. Well done, mama! I have been cloth diapering since January 2011. I love it and will miss it once my boy is potty trained, but life goes on....I will find a new hobby!
  • I have been a cloth diapering mom for about 8-9 months, and I'm loving it. I read about half your reviews, but since my blog is also in this event, I've been busy writing my own spotlights/reviews.
  • I've been CDing full time for a year now (right around then, since we switched when our twins were about two months old). There's no going back and I wish we'd done it with our first, but at least now we're getting him in cloth trainers. :)
  • I've been cloth diapering for more than 4 years now, with baby #4 on the way (who will be my first little girl in fluff!)
  • I've been a cloth diaper fan for years. I hate to think of all those Pampers in the landfills. Thanks for the giveaway!
  • I read all of your Sponsor Spotlights and was so excited to see you jump on the Softbums train! ;) I just can't resist entering to win some great fluff!
  • thanks for the awesome giveaway. I want to win something from you! i love the gogreen diapers - they are fantastic
  • New follower :) Yep, read some of the spotlights, a few I was already fans of! I have been cloth diapering full time for a couple months, my lil guy is 6 months and I wish I had started from birth! I'm so in love and completely obsessed! :) thanks!
  • I've been full-time cloth diapering for almost 15 months and used gDiapers with the flushies for 2 1/2+ years before that.
  • I started cloth diapering my daughter as a newborn, but only part-time. When she was 9mos old her daycare said they would accept the cloth diapers, so we made the switch full-time and are so much happier this way!!
  • I first started cloth diapering with a prefold diaper service nearly 14 years ago. It's only been in recent years that I started laundering my own diapers and only a year since I've ventured outside of using prefolds. I didn't know things like pockets, AI2s, and flats existed.
  • I started cloth diapering 2+ years ago with my third child. I WISH I had started 8+ years ago with my first! :)
  • I am a cloth diaper mommy of 2 boys in cloth (23 months old and 6 months old). I have been using cloth since my firstborn was 3 months old so for 20 months now:)
  • I started cloth 8 months ago and am trying to get into exclusively cloth diapering. I need some daddy friendly diapers.
  • I've read a couple of your reviews for this ga. I love your blog and appreciate all the work that is put into it. I love following all of the folks I follow. so much useful info and those that aren't, I just get rid of. I check yours out daily. have a wonderful holiday!
  • I have been a cloth diapering Mama since my son was about 2-3 weeks old. I am pregnant with #2 and plan to cloth diaper from day 1 with her. I love my diapers! :)
  • We've been cloth diapering since May of 2009. We have a little one on the way, and I can't wait to use little bitty fluff!
  • I've been cloth diapering for well over a year now, coming up to two... and in January I'll be diapering two!
  • My due date is 5 weeks from tomorrow and we will be cloth diapering from day one! Building a stash is so much fun and I'm afraid to see how many diapers I'll have before she's outgrown the newborns as we are already over 50 in the beyond newborn stash :)
  • I skimmed the posts when you posted them. We have been cloth diapering since March and my LO is almost a year old. I'm sad for the potty learning stage to come because cloth is so much fun! fmgrice2(at)yahoo(dot)com
  • I was not a cloth diapering mama but I have a daughter who is! She would love this prize pkg! ty nancyrobster at gmail dot com
  • i have been cloth diapering for nine months!!! but i have several friends that are expecting very soon and they are also planning to cloth diaper! i would share with them! also i think my tweet url copied is the correct link for my tweet:!/MehOrt/status/142419280150007808
  • I've been cloth diapering since my daughter was around 9mos, started part time and have pushing more and more to full time ever since :) ngiraldi at gmail dot com
  • I'm most excited about the Apple Cheeks bundle! I have yet to try one! I have been cloth diapering for over a year now! :)
  • I cloth diapered my 2 year old from 7 months until he was potty trained in June of this year. Now I am cloth diapering my 2 week old baby boy! :)
  • i read a few of your sponsor spotlights - for the brands that are new to me! We have been using cloth since the day our daughter was born almost 14 months ago.
  • I'm technically not a cloth diapering mama yet...but I'm expecting my first in March and am planning to go cloth. :) It was never really a question for us. It's so much less expensive and so much better for the environment. Plus, my husband and I both had to wear cloth under our disposables as babies because we were allergic to disposables. It just seems like everything points to cloth being the best decision for us. So excited about it!
  • I have been cloth diapering for a little over a year. This is my third child and I wish I would have known about cloth with my first two! Thanks for getting this awesome package for us! I sure hope to win!!! Happy Holidays! Jessi Greenmamajama
  • I have been doing cloth for 9 months now and love it! I also love to read about new or different types of diapers. I never realized how many different brands there were when I first purchased cloth diapers!
  • I cloth diapered my son from 1-potty training. I have a baby on the way and am so excited about starting to CD from day 1 this time!
  • I have a six month old and we've cloth diapered her since we came home from the hospital. She was getting a suspiciously red bottom with bumps after two days and I had the cloth lined up, my husband spear headed the actual transition though. I like the sew is your baby mat idea. The planetwise bag as well. Both of those sites and blogs you wrote are great!
  • I've been cloth diapering for almost 4 years and I love it! I have converted at least 5 others to cloth too. :)
  • I have been cloth diapering nearly 2 years and plan to with all my kids. :) I could never imagine using disposables again.
  • I am a third time momma but first time using cloth! We are 2 months strong and I have not used a sposie in 45 days! Took me a while to get the hang of things and my stash where it needs to be! I almost want a 4th so I can cloth diaper another!
  • I probably just skimmed the spotlights when they came in email. I have been cloth diapering seriously for a month now. Still learing the tricks.
  • I've been cloth diapering for about 2 months so still trying to figure it out. I read your sponsor highlight on Babee Greens. I had read about their diapers on the Green Mountain Diapers website and so want to try one.
  • I started cloth diapering one month after my daughter was born. She was smaller than I expected so none of my newborn diapers fit for the first few weeks.
  • Yes, I read a couple a you posted them and have loved reading them. Thank you for all you hard work. I started to cloth diaper when my baby was 10 lbs. I wouls hav e done it from the first day if someone would have told me how easy prefolds were and helped walk me through it. If I am blessed to have one more then I will:) You will have to come see me at :) Have a wonderful Christmas...
  • We just hit our 2 year cloth diaper anniversary. I switched to cloth diapers with a 2.5 year old and a 5 month old. This year I was able to start using cloth on my newborn baby girl. :) So we are now back to having 2 kids in diapers.
  • Wonderful giveaway. I have been a cloth diaper mama for the last 3 years, now we are TTC #3 and this would be so handy!!
  • I have been cloth diapering for 8 months and we're almost to the potty training stage (start CDing late). I'd love to win the trainers
  • I read the Miss Lily's spotlight- I am in the market for a new CD detergent. I love to cloth diaper!!!! I have been doing it for 9 months- and should have started from the beginning!
  • We have been cloth diapering our 12 month old for 6 months. Love it! :) Wish we would have considered it from the beginning.
  • I started cloth diapering my eldest son when he was 6 months, so it's been about 3.5 years now and 3 children :) alsatia23 at hotmail dot com
  • Thanks for the giveaway! I've been CDing for 20 my boy is almost potty trained but plan to CD from day 1 with our next baby....and any that come after #2
  • I started cloth diapering my second baby at 2 months old. So we've been at it 5 months now. Wish I would have done it with number 1 :)
  • I did read a few of the sponsor spotlights (and omg I have been waiting for this event due to all of the tempting sponsor spotlight posts from all of the blogs!) and I am so excited since this is my first fluffy christmas because we have only been using cloth for about 8 months and we are loving every second of it!!! thanks for another great giveaway
  • I'm new to cloth diapering. So far, I've only made my own. Meadow is 9 months old and is my third and final baby. I always wanted to cloth diaper with my older kids, but I never had a washer and dryer and a baby at the same time :) Now that I do, I'm jumping in! I just wish she'd stay still long enough to get the freakin things on her! :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I'm a new follower!
  • I am still very new at this cloth thing. I am working on it but I seem to just change a lot of bed sheets right now. :) Holding out hope though.
  • My little one has been in cloth for 15 months! I can't imagine not using cloth. We have traveled to Hawaii & Minnesota twice. Diapers in tow.
  • Just want to tell you I adore your blog! I became a cloth diapering mama a little over a year ago when our 4th babywas born, and oh how I regret not doing it sooner! It was blogs like yours that introduced me to cloth & helped me stick with it. Thank you. ~Terri Babin
  • Im expecting a baby and I would love to try cloth diapering.. This package would be perfect! THanks a lot! :)
  • YES! I read all your sponsor spotlights in my emails and I'm catching up on comments! :) I have been cloth diapering for 19 months just about! :)
  • I'm not cloth diapering yet, but plan to once baby arrives in march. I've heard good things about it, and I'm sure it's not as "hard" as some people make it sound! I also like that you're not sending a bunch of garbage to the landfills!
  • I read a couple of them...the ones that I hadn't heard about or didn't know much about already! :-) We started CDing dd at around 8-9 months part-time (daycare wouldn't take them) but then went really part-time when my SIL moved in and started taking care of her. She refused to use them (we still used them on weekends). Then came potty training and we started using pull-ups when out and about. It wasn't until she was potty trained pretty much completely and we were using pull-ups at night only that I had a lightbulb go off! Why not use the diapers overnight...this was about a year ago and we haven't looked back. Even used Grovia Hybrids this summer while on vacation for the long days of driving (no way were we stopping every hour for her to pee! LOL). Oh dd is 4 now and SHE is the one who doesn't want to wear panties at night but wants her diaper!
  • I've been using cloth diapers on my son for almost a year now!! And what a year it has been! We started with the ebay cheapies then built up my stash buying on FB and winning contests! Now we've got a decent size stash, and I'm totally loving Cloth Diapers! 2 years ago, I never would have thought i'd be where i am today! But here I am, getting crunchier and crunchier! lol
  • I'm new to cloth diapering! Hoping to start next week when my diapers arrive, and I'm super-excited about it! :)
  • We have been cloth diapering for 3 years. This is our second child using cloth and will definitely continue it. We love fluff!
  • I read some of the spotlights... I'm cloth diapering my 2 year old, but I'm due in May so I need some newborn and smaller sized dipes, which I can't really afford to buy much at all...I would love to try some of these out. All I've tried is Fuzzibunz
  • Love Miss Lily's Washing Powder! Started using cloth on my son when he was 3 months with about 3 months worth of disposables on and off in between. He's now 16 months.
  • We've been cloth diapering since he was 6 weeks old. We've been using cloth wipes since he was a week old. It was easier to get hubby to switch to cloth wipes then cloth diapers. I'm so proud he converted with me :o)
  • Cloth diapers just make the most sense! My husband and I are expecting, and we've already decided to use cloth. This package would ideal for us!
  • we have been cloth diapering for my 6mth old for 4mth. He was 5lbs and I wish I would have known about preemie cloth diapers than.
  • Applecheeks are some of my most favorite diapers!!!they can be used for ANYTHING, this is such a great event! Props to all you bloggers!
  • not a cloth diapering mama yet, we are expecting our first at the end of january. my husband is stuck overseas, and we are having a really hard time coming up with the money to build our stash, so this would be a great prize for us to win! thanks for the giveaway!!!
  • I am actually in the process of phasing out disposables. I have a small enough stash to get me through one day. We've been doing pockets and they are so easy that even my husband is on board! We're excited to see less up-the-back blowouts and the extra money in our pocket. This is our first baby so we'll definitely be seeing the savings in later children. Oh, I read about the changing mats. They are so cute!
  • We are just getting started with cloth. I don't have any diapers yet and am trying to figure out the best ones to use. I did read about the laundry washing powder.
  • excited about this event- too bad I was soo busy this weekend and I'm just now entering them. Hope I win something. :)
  • I've been CDing my oldest for 14 months now (started when she was 3 months old) and I'm expecting #2 in March. I'm excited to CD from the beginning this time, those NB dipes are soo cute & tiny!!
  • I have been cloth diapering for almost 2 years now! It started with both my boys at the same time and now it's just one but he's about to be 2 so potty training is near! I am pregnant with my 3rd, though, so the diapers will still get used! Yay! :)
  • I've been a cloth diapering mama for 7 months, since my son was 6 months old. I wish I would have gone with my gut and started sooner since it's a lot less scary and a lot more fun than I thought it would be

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