Megabus the Eco-Friendly Transportation {+ Masterpiece Contest}

When we first moved to Colorado a couple of years ago I was introduced to public transportation. Yes, I’ve always lived in a place that had city buses, but have to admit that I never thought about taking one. Now I live between Denver and Boulder and trams, buses and carpool lanes are the way to go. Eco-friendly transportation not only helps saves the planet, but money and time too.

Megabus Eco Friendly Transportation

During the month of April, to celebrate Earth Month, I encourage you to drive your car less. Here are a few ideas:

Walk or Ride your Bike.

Carpool with a neighbor.

Practice Hypermiling when driving your car.

Plan your day/route to make the path for your errands most efficient.

Try to get where you need to go.

megabus eco-friendly transportation

Megabus has transported more than 50 million passengers over the last 10 years, helping the carbon footprint. Just think about all the people riding in a bus who are not driving a car and spreading fumes!

There are many reasons to give them a try including they are safe, convenient, has wifi (yes!), are comfortable and cost friendly, but also all of their double decker busses are outfitted with a GreenRoad system. This provides the drivers with real time information and feedback to drive safely, such as highlighting potentially hazardous areas or problematic traffic trends. The system also assists with reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

megabus eco-friendly transportation

To make Earth Month more fun and bring more attention to it, they are having a Megabus Masterpiece Contest. Artists of all kinds are encouraged to submit their eco-friendly inspired designs related to travel. The grand prize winner’s artwork will be displayed across the side of a megabus! Plus you will receive a $1,000 for art classes or travel or whatever you’d like. Hurry though, your submissions must be turned in before Earth Day (April 22) and a winner will be announced in May.

How often do you use eco-friendly transportation?

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