May the Force be With You

We are even more excited for Halloween this year. We are in a new neighborhood with tons of kids and have heard that it is swarming with people who go door to door for their treats. It is going to be so much fun! I will make a pot of chili and some hot taco dip. A tradition every year.

If you remember back in March my two older boys received kids Star Wars costumes and love pretending they are Jedi’s with their lightsabers. We quickly decided then that for Halloween this year it would be a Star Wars Night for trick-or-treating.

I knew that P’Diddy must be Yoda. I’m not sure if I would call Yoda cute but baby sure is…


We all can’t wait for his First Real Halloween!!

So cute!

We play dress up at our house all year long. O’Bear is already talking about his next costume and his new love for Captain America. Does it ever end?


What are your children going to dress up this year for Halloween?


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