Make a Difference with your Family ~ Check out Members Unite


Do you want to make a difference in your community? How about your country? Even around the world? I know I do! How do you decide where your charitable donations will go? More importantly, how do you get your kids involved?

Members Unite is a FAB-ulous website that makes giving FUN and you know we like fun around here!

By becoming a member of the site, for as little as $5 a month, YOU can take a role in where the money goes ~ a different cause each month that gets voted on by YOU. There are so many good ones, it is hard to decide.

Get the whole family involved. I couldn’t wait until the kids came home from school today so we could sit down and read the stories together and vote.

We read each project aloud and chatted about why we think it should make the cut. You should have heard the boys questions as they wondered Why Why Why things happened around the world like they did. I LOVED it! They wanted to help other kids like them and felt sorry for malnourished babies. They hoped that a new puppy would help out a veteran and discussed how we could get more trees to grow in Brazil.

My heart swelled listening to them and my only regret was I didn’t wait for Hubby to come home so that he could participate with us. I was so proud of my boys.

We even discussed how there are 5 members of our family and how easy it would be for each of us to give $1 a month to help. Even they understand a $1 is not very much, but could go a long ways with Members Unite.

Here are a couple of our favorites though it was hard to have favorites….

Take Education on the Road ~ Without a place to call home, regular attendance at school becomes nearly impossible. Schools on Wheels’ tutors provide one-on-one educational support for homeless children where they are – in shelters, on the streets, or even at the local park.

Empower At-Risk Woman with Fresh Food ~ The reality is that fresh produce can be more expensive than canned or frozen fruits or veggies, meaning that women seeking sustenance at homeless shelters don’t get the full health benefits. Help Sarah’s Circle provide healthy produce to their beneficiaries for an entire year!

I am SO thrilled that I get to share this experience with my children and teach them that Giving is such a wonderful thing to do. It also opens up their eyes on what goes on around the world and how many people and places need our help. It’s so easy to give! I can definitely afford $5 a month. I hope you can too!

100% of your monthly contributions will be donated to the projects.

 For a limited time, Members Unite is offering my community a 50% off discount on the annual membership fee of $25! Use code “WELOVEMOMS” when you sign up!

How do you get your children involved in charitable endeavors?

Important ~ if your family decides to join this month, I’d love to know! Please comment below or email me and tell me what project you voted for. My goal is to find 10 other families who want to join in the FUN!


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