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Hello! I hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy. I feel so fortunate to live in beautiful Colorado, that even though we’ve been cooped up in the house, we can take walks around the neighborhood and enjoy the gorgeous views…

Colorado is filled with many yummy food companies and I’ve had the privilege of sharing many with you over the years. Today I get to share two more that I know you will love and want to try.

Bee K’onscious

Honey, delicious honey, is one of my favorite foods. I eat it by the spoonful and top it on everything I can. Bee K’conscious Raw Honey prides themselves as the only company using blockchain technology, which means they can tell you exactly what farm your honey came from. Scan your jar and learn about the beekeeper who harvested your honey. I guarantee it will be on that maintains ethical and sustainable beekeeping practices.

Honey is not only a sweetener and superfood food full of vitamins, but boosts your immune system and can give you a quick bolt of energy. When my boys catch a cough, they instantly say ‘Mom I need a spoonful of honey’  because they know coating your throat in honey helps!

Grab a bundle of three in the flavors of your choice. I can’t wait to try them all! YUM!

Nourish Boxes

Adults need fun surprises in the mail too. We are tired of bills right? How about receiving a box every other month made by local Colorado artisans. It’s a craft show in a box and it comes right to your door.

You can choose a Classic Box or Classic/+ CBD and then you get to choose Food or a Hybrid, which is a mix of Food and Body Care items. As you can see from my photo above I chose Food and received product from five different brands. Each box also contains info about each company and a QR code that brings you to a video with a message from this month’s artisans.

Choose your box here. I will now be running to my mailbox! So fun!

I can’t wait for you to click in and learn more about these small Colorado companies.

I partnered with these companies in exchange for free product. All opinions are my own.

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