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Hello! I hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy. I feel so fortunate to live in beautiful Colorado, that even though we’ve been cooped up in the house, we can take walks around the neighborhood and enjoy the gorgeous views…


Colorado is filled with many yummy food companies and I’ve had the privilege of sharing many with you over the years. Today I get to share two more that I know you will love and want to try.


Bee K’onscious

Honey, delicious honey, is one of my favorite foods. I eat it by the spoonful and top it on everything I can. Bee K’conscious Raw Honey prides themselves as the only company using blockchain technology, which means they can tell you exactly what farm your honey came from. Scan your jar and learn about the beekeeper who harvested your honey. I guarantee it will be on that maintains ethical and sustainable beekeeping practices.

Honey is not only a sweetener and superfood food full of vitamins, but boosts your immune system and can give you a quick bolt of energy. When my boys catch a cough, they instantly say ‘Mom I need a spoonful of honey’  because they know coating your throat in honey helps!

Grab a bundle of three in the flavors of your choice. I can’t wait to try them all! YUM!

Nourish Boxes

Adults need fun surprises in the mail too. We are tired of bills right? How about receiving a box every other month made by local Colorado artisans. It’s a craft show in a box and it comes right to your door.

You can choose a Classic Box or Classic/+ CBD and then you get to choose Food or a Hybrid, which is a mix of Food and Body Care items. As you can see from my photo above I chose Food and received product from five different brands. Each box also contains info about each company and a QR code that brings you to a video with a message from this month’s artisans.

Choose your box here. I will now be running to my mailbox! So fun!


I can’t wait for you to click in and learn more about these small Colorado companies.

WIN Bee K’conscious & Nourish Boxes!

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I partnered with these companies in exchange for free product. All opinions are my own.

This giveaway will end on July 1, 2020 at midnight MST. Winners will be drawn via rafflecopter. Once a winner is drawn I will contact them and they will have 48 hours to reply before I draw a new winner. Giveaway is open to anyone in the US. You must be 18 years of age or older. Giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook & I release them of liability. Winner will be posted in the rafflecopter widget.



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  • "Comment as you wish ~ How are you doing in these crazy times?" Things are OK. Tasty Colorado foods would certainly enhance my life!
  • I'm a Colorado transplant originally from the beach myself, so of course I love your blog! As for how I'm doing... I'm acquiring cute face masks and trying to deal with the heat.
  • We are mostly staying home, wearing masks when in public , keeping safe and doing the best we can in these crazy times.
  • I feel like I'm in limbo...not knowing what the future holds is especially stressful at this time.
  • It's been a crazy few months staying at home, but we are all safe and healthy. Slowly starting to get back to a some-what normal life.
  • We are fortunate that our jobs are being farmers and ranchers. We still go to work in our pastures and fields but now we don't leave the ranch unless absolutely necessary. Worried about our future crop prices and preparing for big losses.
  • I am required to work each day at the office. I was hoping things would get back to normal, but I think it is going to be a very long time. I feel stressed and overwhelmed a lot.
  • I try to stay inside as much as I can and when I have to go out I wear a mask. When I'm at home I read a lot.
  • I'm doing well. Gloves and mask at the ready for when I do go out and about. Spending lots of time in my veggie and flower gardens.
  • I smiled when I saw your name in my inbox. I have missed you! We are doing all right and are thankful that my husband's job was considered essential. My high school senior was bummed to miss out on some key events the last quarter of his year, but he's ready to move on.
  • Were staying home my kids had cancer and a heart transplant so until this is over we can not leave our home.
  • We are doing ok here. I am just trying to keep busy and just taking all things as they come. It is hard to not worry about what is coming nest of course, but I am trying.
  • The honey sounds yummy!! We are doing ok - hanging in there. We miss our summer weekend trips to the beach but people are idiots down here so we aren't risking it.
  • One has a way of adjusting to life. I can't believe it has come to this point. Life is good for the most part. So much positive things if you look around, despite all the negative surrounding us.
  • My daughter's cancer came back in Nov. And covid has made her apts very hard and since she is on chemo she cant leave the house :(
  • I have been doing the best I can. Working from home, but soon going back to my office. A little worried about that though since I work in a school office.
  • I am a senior so lets just say I only go out when I have to. I am doing a lot better then some seniors because they are bored and what to get out, go shopping etc. I stay busy all day, computer, reading, crafting, TV Hanging in there
  • A senior just taking it one day at a time. I had hopes but then it started up in florida etc etc
  • We are hanging in there, trying to stay as safe as possible. We are opening up a bit so it is getting a little easier, with the opening up we can only hope that the number of infections don't rise.
  • Luckily we live out in the country on a dead end road that has some other families. We are all able to socialize safely outdoors and the kids can run around outside all day!
  • As long as I don't turn on the television and go to the store, I am fine being an isolated hermit.
  • I have not been inside a store since March 13th. (I'm 71 and have RA). Have not been swimming 3 times a week like I used to do. Have not been singing with my chorus. Have not been volunteering at the Denver Botanic Gardens like I used to do. And this Friday I had plane tickets to the choral festival in Minneapolis. Heavy sigh. I have been going to the botanic gardens once a week just to walk around (with mask and social distancing). Where is the lake in your picture? Far enough East to see the all the mountains in the distance. Thanks for the contest.
  • Constantly learning that people aren't wearing their masks is troublesome when you hear about all the new cases. This is a very stressful time, but people need to take more responsibility and think about others who may be older or have health problems. Until there is a cure for this coronavirus, we ALL are at risk, which is very stressful.
  • I have a chronic illness and am already home bound, so not much, but I can now have zoom doctor's appointments.
  • We were doing okay for the first few months. NOW not so much. skyrocketing numbers and dufus gov. New epicenter for the United States. GRRRR
  • It has been very stressful but just trying to be positive and being safe by wearing a mask.
  • I'm under a lot of stress. Lost my job, trying to finalize the sale of my home which has been under contract since mid March and secure an apartment nearly 700 miles from where I currently live. I'm at my breaking point.

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