Living a Balanced Life

Optimal health and happiness are something we all want to help us find balance in our lives. I am fortunate that my chiropractor husband helps to remind me of this, as it is what he preaches to his patients everyday.

I recently came across which had some good and simple ways to help us balance. Here are a few…


Eat Well. Cooking well balanced meals for the family is a must. I try to buy organic whenever possible and don’t buy a lot of sweets or junk food. Watch labels to stay away from high fructose and artificial sweeteners. Buy local if you can too. Then you can ask questions and know exactly how the food is made.

Exercise. My worst task, but crucial to our bodies to keep sickness away. I’m going to write a post soon asking for ideas how you keep motivated to exercise. I need help!

Be Happy. Everyday. I love this one because it is true. If you are depressed or spend everyday going to a job you hate, it effects your whole demeanor. Positive attitude means so much in health! Choose wisely how you spend your time.

Explore Alternative Health Alternatives. Prescription medicines are many times not the answer. Vitamins and natural remedies are often all you need. I urge you to research these more, including chiropractic, which of course our family are firm believers in for optimal health!

What other ideas are there to help find balance?


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