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Eighth grade homework is just not my thing. From the Spanish language I never took, to the Math problems that make my head spin, to the Social Studies that I don’t remember. Poor kid! If he needs help he has to wait for Hubby to get home and by then he is tired and doesn’t want to deal with school anymore and I don’t blame him.

This past week we were introduced to Mentored. A website (and app!) dedicated to students in the 7th-12th grades, plus college.


How it works:

C’Man grabbed the Mentored app on iTunes for his iPod. Then he logged in for a LIVE session with a Mentor after he chose his subject – Math, Science, History, Language Arts, or a Foreign Language.

He was instantly connected to someone for help. Our first day he chose Language Arts and it asked him if he’d like to access his microphone or text. He was shy and just wanted to type his quick question. It was on grammar and word choice for a paper he was writing.

Mentored App

We were both impressed! Not only did the Mentor answer his question, but went on to explain WHY the answer was the way it was and gave him a couple of examples for future knowledge.

The next day he received help on Math to understand a concept that he was having trouble with. Another quick session as he caught on fast. Then he found a Science teacher who questioned him for the whole length of time on an astronomy test he had the next day. It was fun for me to watch him think and study out loud!

Mentored App

A Session with a Mentor lasts up to 20 minutes (you can extend it!) and costs only $5. Not a bad price for 20 minutes of 1:1 education wouldn’t you say? In the example of C’Man’s first session it would have been wise for him to write his whole paper first and ask all the questions he had at once instead of logging back in again to ask another later.

The Mentors are subject matter experts. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds — from PhD candidates to experienced professionals to retired teachers. And feel at ease that all Mentors are extensively interviewed, screened, and have background checks before they are allowed to be on staff. Then go through a comprehensive training before they can work with your kids. Plus, every session is recorded, reviewed, and archived to ensure student safety across the platform. Quality and Safety is very important at Mentored!

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 7.01.46 PM

A great statistic for you:

According to research done at MIT by Benjamin Bloom, the average tutored student performed better than 98 percent of their peers. That’s not all, students who receive 1:1 tutoring:

  • Are 52% less likely to skip school
  • Are 46% less likely to use illicit drugs
  • Outperform 98% of their peers on standardized tests

Use Mentored on demand anywhere at anytime!

Check out the website or Download the Mentored ios app today!

Could your teen use some homework help?

This is a sponsored post with Blog Meets Brand and Mentored. All opinions are my own!

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