Little Tikes Sand and Water Table


Summer is here and that means we need water! I am not a fan of small pools in the yard, just because they are work. Filling, emptying, cleaning. I’ve become lazy. I think a Little Tikes Sand and Water Table is perfect!

P’Diddy has never had one before and believe me was asking every single day when the box truck (UPS!) was going to bring him one, once we knew one was headed to the house.

We didn’t receive just any water table though, but the Little Tikes Builder’s Bay Sand & Water Table. It is THE water table. Just check it out!

Sand and Water Table

Little Tikes Sand and Water Table

ohhh so many wonderful features…

A Large Umbrella! Hands down my favorite part. 🙂 Easily removable.

2 equal sides. 1 for water and the other for sand with a bridge to connect them. If you figure out how to get your child not to mix them let me know!

Comes with fun toys – dump truck, boat, truck and trailer.

Little Tikes Sand and Water Table

This awesome crane that digs up sand and pours it back out where you need it to.

Little Tikes Sand and Water Table

The table is large and perfect for multi-kids to play around it. The road between the sides is an extra bonus of fun. Moving cars up and down the road and into the water and sand is pretty addictive for a wheel-loving boy.

The boat has a little levy too. Up and down. oh, the fun!

There is even a cover that I put on in the evening that keeps away the bugs and leaves.

Little Tikes Sand and Water Table

This table has provided hours of fun already!

Check out all the Little Tikes Sand and Water Table for all your summer needs!

How do you keep cool in the hot weather?

Little Tikes Sand and Water Table

WIN a Builder’s Bay Sand and Water Table! 

I received this product for review and all opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate.

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