Little Tikes Kitchen For Pretend Play


Calling all little chefs. I have the perfect Little Tikes Kitchen for you!

Little Tikes Kitchen

Playing in the pretend kitchen is one of P’Diddy’s favorite things to do. As he grills hamburgers and hotdogs he’ll ask what toppings do we want, then happily pass them out for us eat. A chef, a waiter, and a learning experience all wrapped up in one.

The Little Tikes Ultimate Cook Kitchen as some pretty cool features…just likes mom’s kitchen.

Little Tikes Kitchen

Little Tikes Kitchen

Comes with 38 pieces! Food, utensils, pans, plates, cups, and more.

Storage! What is a kitchen without storage? Baskets to store, pegs to hang, and shelves to hold it all.

Appliances are a must! Oven, microwave, refrigerator with ice maker, and yes….a cappuccino maker!

Lights and sounds! The stove has lights and sounds like boiling water when you place the pot on top of it.

A window! You can serve food through your window OR you can have great mountains views while you cook (just like mom does!)

Little Tikes Kitchen

Sorry the pictures are a little dark, but I couldn’t resist putting our new Little Tikes Kitchen right next to the window. Retail description is as follows:

  • Extend countered space; Opening doors for oven, fridge and microwave
  • Plenty of storage and shelves for accessories; Cabinet opens to reveal extra storage shelves
  • Pegs for kitchen utensil storage; Clicking knobs
  • Electronic cooking sounds on stove top and sink; Cappuccino maker for modern play
  • Made in USA —> love this!

What is your little one cooking up for the holidays? Check out all Little Tikes pretend kitchens and accessories.

Sit back and relax…your cappuccino is coming!

Little Tikes Kitchen

WIN the Little Kitchen Ultimate Cook Kitchen!

I received this Little Tikes Kitchen for review for my post. All opinions are my own and links may be affiliate.

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