Little Tikes Jr. Sports N’ Slide Bouncer


A bounce house for my little sports man? oh yeah! The Little Tikes Jr. Sports N’ Slide Bouncer is just what we needed to start our summer off right.

Little Tikes Jr. Sports N' Slide Bouncer

This box arrived at my door. The boys were amazed that a bounce house could fit inside! I made them wait until Hubby came home that night to set it up, but honestly I could have totally done it myself. I wanted to get a series of pictures so you could watch it slowly go up. Did I say slowly? This thing was up in a few seconds!! I barely had time to click!

Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes Jr. Sports N' Slide Bouncer

Why did we never have one of these before? You think they are big and bulky, but that is totally not the case. If it can fit into that box and go up in no time flat, everyone should have one. Easy peasy!

In fact I think we need a bigger one! This bounce house is perfect for P’Diddy at age four. His brother who will be ten this summer can do okay in it too, but the older kids just need a bit more room to bounce. Did I say that stopped them though? lol.

Little Tikes Jr. Sports N' Slide Bouncer

That little basketball hoop? That is the hit of the whole bounce house! They spend all their time in the backyard these days shooting hoops. We bring it in and out each morning if the weather is dry and the boys turn it on and off many times throughout the day – because you can do that when it goes up in four seconds flat. oh, I already told you it was fast? Well it is! I’m still so amazed.

Little Tikes Jr. Sports N' Slide Bouncer

The best part is that I can sit at my kitchen table and watch him through the window. I get a little work done and he has the time of his life. It’s all about the Bounce House for him this Endless Summer.

And if you want to be the hit of the neighborhood? Get a Little Tikes Bounce House! 🙂

Little Tikes has inflatable water slides I keep checking out too. Many great summer items to check out!

Little Tikes Jr. Sports N' Slide Bouncer

WIN a Jr. Sports N’ Slide Bouncer! 

I received this Slider Bouncer from Little Tikes to review and write my post. All opinions are my own and links may be affiliate.

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