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One of the best parts about being a blogger is you get to meet great people. I was very happy to find this cute little company but then to find the owner is super nice and fun to chat with too! Wait til you meet Eva and see Little Cool Toys!

Her business is the same way as she is! Fun! And Cool… 🙂

Eva is a Danish girl who went on vacation in beautiful Costa Rica and fell in love with a Canadian guy. I’m now a wife and a mom, living in the French speaking part of Canada. 

One of the things that surprised me when I first came to Canada was the amount of plastic and “imitation” materials used for all sorts of things. I was expecting to see lots of wood and beautiful log houses which is actually a rare sight 😉 We live in a small town, and the selection of toys you find at the mall consists broadly speaking of plastic toys and synthetic plush toys! I inherited some small wooden toys for my son when he was born, and though they have been played with a lot and are very worn, they’re still nice to look at and cool to play with even after 50 years!

I know we’ve used the word cool a few times already but her toys ARE cool.

Meet Recycle Kyle ~ an avid skateboarder, who became dedicated to recycling after tripping on a can. He always carries his organic tote around, so that he can pick up materials that can be recycled.

The Global Green Pals are made of 100% Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton. Filled with stuffing made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and clothing and accessories are made of organic, natural and tested fibers.

He and his friends, Carbon Offset Chet & Clean Air Kate are sooo cooool.

For our review today, Eva sent us Calafant Cardboard Toy. Calafant is a German company who likes to encourage creativity and imagination. We had to decorate, build & play! Look!

We chose the Dragon Rock Castle because O’Bear is very into knights and castles these days. It came in a kit with separate pieces and the first thing we did was color with the markers that were provided!

We even got the daycare kids involved!

Then we had to build…this is what it looks like before we decorated…

Or if you have SUPER creative kids…you can try a kit without lines…

Are you ready to see our finished product? I think this was the most fun part for the boys! Playing! They got out all their knights and other toys they would need to defend the castle!

Pretty colorful huh? 🙂

And yes Eva is a crunchy mama…in her own way…she says…

  • I had a totally natural birth – at the hospital
  • I use fragrance free natural personal care, washing and cleaning products
  • I bake all our bread myself
  • I buy organic when I can get it and afford it
  • I read all the ingredients lists to avoid all the nasty stuff (yes, it takes me forever to do the groceries!)
  • I recycle and I’m friendly to the environment
  • I love natural and eco-friendly toys!


Valentine Discount going on right now!

WIN a Calafant Cardboard Toy! You can choose…

Dragon Rock Castle or Mermaid Cove ~ with lines (CAD $20)


TreeHouse or Castle ~ without lines (CAD $30)

Good Luck!

Little Cool Toys sent me a Calafant toy for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.

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